after a rough weekend... wherein my mom lost her s**t and shouted at me over something small. and made some suicidal threats.

she "accepted" my apology (i had told her to turn the gas off in a gasped voice because you shouldn't turn the gas on first and fiddle with matches to lit a stove burner...)...

and my being extra "helpful".. or not. can't win with her.

she and i both have the same cold. but perhaps it's worse for her as she nearly fell down the stairs, and fell outside two or three times into the soft slippery snow and mud.

but today she's getting spices ready in the kitchen. she asked me to do a few things for her. i did them. making small conversation as we go, or i don't know what you might call it. just directions to do things. or comments. the whole time she was being a complete a** to me. smart alec comments. i don't cares. "i'm talking to myself" she says sometimes, but i thought under normal circumstances when one talks to themselves and another person is in the room, it's not unusual for the other person to respond. she's been extra nasty.

oh and if i don't do something exactly as she says, nasty.
or if i do something but she wasn't specific and what i did wasn't how she wanted it (but she didn't tell me what she wanted) - she's nasty. and if not directly to me, just aloud in a passive aggressive mean spirit.

sorry, not sorry.

growing up i was taught that even if you don't feel good - you should not be nasty to others. you can't cop attitude.