i've decided.

mom gets things done. because. she doesn't eat breakfast or lunch.

like.... instead of preparing breakfast and eating it -- she can do laundry. and wash dishes.
and instead of lunch, which could take up precious time... there's who knows what other chores.

at least... that's how it feels. she would like for me to be able to do 2 loads of laundry before noon.

there's not enough time. and the only way to make time is to not eat.

and i've concluded that this is what my mom got accustomed to.
she doesn't eat.
so she filled that time with her chores....
and now she's trying to fill my time with those chores......


oh and if i don't do them fast enough... it bothers her.
i know. she's gotta 'grow up' and let it go.
but it's annoying having to hear her complaints for timing preference.
and when i don't hear it... i feel it.
(why yes. i can feel her angst.)