Chapter 27:

A Saiyan bond, is a powerful thing, for the better half of Vegeta's time with Bulma, he had done just about everything to ignore it. Their time together had been short, very short. He just woke up and she was there, asleep, watching him. No one, in his life had ever gave a damn about him, and even now years later it still made him uneasy. Still, after dying to Majin Buu made him realize just how important Bulma was, as well as Trunks. Standing here now, years later, seeing his now adult son finding someone, made him, proud on some level. When Cell was a problem, he had gotten to know his son, the Trunks from a different future.

He didn't survive that fight in that timeline, only his son had been able to come back, and warn them of the danger. Vegeta would think of the boy often, a part of him hoped that in spite of the Hell he was in, he had found some peace, as well as Bulma. Knowing she was alone, killed a tiny part of him as he kept his head low and watched Bulma as she sat with Bulla. The two of them cleaning up together. He honestly didn't know what his life would had been like if he had ignored his instincts and just left for space. His son wouldn't be here, or Bulla, and that thought alone was enough to convince him he made the right choice. After a minute or two the pair walked in as Vegeta watched from the corner of his eyes.

It was interesting, to think just how different things were now. Where would she had been if things had turned out differently? Surely somewhere out there was a her that ended up with someone else. No doubt that jerk that turned her away but Vegeta wasn't going to let on he heard the two of them talking. Trunks just smiles as he sits himself at the T.V, Sara was not a fan of the thing. Since coming here, Bulma had shown her how it worked and Sara didn't seem to like how loud it was. Trunks makes some promise to find something good and she slowly sits.

Vegeta wasn't a fan of T.V either, he didn't understand how Bulma could sit there watching those cheesy soaps that just went on for far to long. It wasn't long before Bulma made Bulla get ready for bed and she ran off to go change into her jammies. Vegeta walked over to Bulma slowly and, just stood close to her. Bulma blinks as she turns and leans into him. In time, she had gotten used to his odd habits. It was slow at first when he had decided to stick around more. She was no expert on Saiyans, all she knew was they were strong, and they liked to eat.

So she made him a space to train in, and made sure to keep a storeroom full of food for the guy. Bit by bit, Vegeta slowly seemed to get closer to her. Even after Cell he would just short of sneak his way in and try not to act like it meant anything. Bulma, didn't rush him, knowing well enough he had no idea how to really express his emotions. Then came the little quirks he seemed to have. Whenever he had the chance he would lean in and take in her scent. She found it creepy at first, but it would soon turn into him pulling her close and just holding her there. She learned to enjoy it when he did this.

In time, as Trunks got older, Vegeta would, in private, do other things. One of the most interesting was his odd habit of in bed, he would press his forehead on her's and just look into her eyes. He would do this, for hours, not saying a word, and just held her face. It took years of poking for him to explain it was a indeed a Saiyan thing and that it was just their way of 'bonding' with their mates. While Bulma found it, odd, she started to understand how important it was for him to continue these little things. It even evolved to a point she was able to call him her husband and not have him sulk away.

So she smiled as she leaned into his chest. He just leans his head into her neck as he watched his son. It wouldn't be long before Trunks would start to do the same. Still he wasn't to sure just how ready he was to be 'grandpa' but it was bound to happen at some point. After all Kakarott was a grandparent, but that clown was okay with just about everything that came his way. "They look so happy." Vegeta blinks as he shakes his thoughts away. "Hmmf, as long as they keep up their training, I couldn't care less." "Vegeta."

She sighed as she looked up at him. He still had a rather passive nature in which he tried to act like nothing around him mattered. That was until it involved fighting, than he cared a lot. But even Bulma had to admit there was a fine line between the tough guy act, and the 'I honestly don't care' act. Vegeta was always somewhere in the middle. "Honestly, you can at least try and act supportive." He turns his head slightly, still trying to act uninterested. "Don't see the point, we'll be grandparents before we know it anyways." Bulma gives him a huff, but blinks, her eyes turning to the couple.

Trunks didn't know, neither did Vegeta, it wasn't her place but she felt she had to say something. Vegeta could feel her body go stiff anyways as he kept his dark eyes on her. "I...wouldn't put to much thought into it, I was talking to her a few days ago, because of her injury, after her fight with...I think Baal was it, she might not be able to." Vegeta went silent for a minute as he gave it some thought. While the Saiyan bloodline was slowly disappearing in this Universe. A part of him felt relief that there were still Saiyans in the sixth Universe. "Mmmff, fine, not like that matters either." Bulma shakes her head and pats his arm before going to go check on Bulla.

His eyes return to the pair. It was what it was, if that was the case, it hardly mattered to him in the end. Trunks looked generally happy, sitting there as he did his best to explain a game show that was going on. She seemed interested when he told her it was a bunch of people that were forced to survive on a island for a month, with only their own skills to aid them. She could only laugh at the idea, she knew how to survive in nature after all. She even spends the next minute or so telling him how to make a tent, catch food, start a fire, and Trunks soon turned away from the T.V.

It wasn't something he did often, go train in the wild, it was a good experience though. Still it hardly seemed fair to leave them out in the wild when she held the advantage. Trunks spent some time in the wilds, with Vegeta, or even Kakarott and his tiny offspring. "Go hunt a dinosaur, than tell me how easy it is to survive out there." Sara blinks as she turns her head, she had seen the collection of dinosaurs that lived out in the Capsule corp garden. A little side project of Trunks' grandfather of taking in 'weak' and 'helpless' animals. Those things were huge. "Hey if they taste like dragon I'm in." Trunks lets out a low sigh and looks down.