Chapter 26:

The party had came to a slow drag after that, most of the people there had no idea what just happened. Only Goten, Bulma Vegeta and Sara knew the truth behind that girl. Trunks runs his hand through his hair as she finally seemed to walk away. He could only hope for the last time. Sara walks up to him slowly and places her hand on his arm. "You did the right thing, maybe now she'll realize what's she's been doing hasn't been the best idea.." He gives her a nod and lets out a low dry laugh. "Well with any luck, it'll be the last time I see her for once."

Edwin just kind of eyes the girl before leaning close to Sara. "I could, perhaps make a lovely new statue for this garden party." "Edwin, behave yourself...if she comes back you can." "Hey!" Trunks blinks at the both of them, but it helped as he starts laughing. Edwin had been dead serous and Sara had known it, but why not make this a bit lighter? "Well I see I'm not needed, are you sure you won't take my offer to join me to Thay. (maybe I shouldn't, she could out class me the moment she gets there)." She shakes her head at him. "Thank you my friend, but I believe my place is here, besides still not quite okay with, you know, necromancy, you want zombies, because that's how you get zombies."

He gives her a small shrug, it was a shame, he did find her attractive even with the tail. "I will return, if I find out you are lying..." He turns and he was gone, into a portal that she herself had tried to use. "That man is the oddest person I've ever ran into, a shame he's evil..." She shakes her head as she turns back to her new friends. Vegeta just kept his arms crosses as he looked her over. "Well I for one think it's a good change of pace to finally have someone around who understands what it means to take down those that stand in their way." "Vegeta!" Bulma frowns at him as he looks up.

Sara rubs the back of her head lightly. "It's..true, while I have some regrets on some of the things I've done, some I had no choice in the matter. I won't cover my butt here, I've killed people....a lot of people, weather for the greater good, or just because it was either them or me." Vegeta understood well enough. he had been much the same way when he was working with Frieza. It was kill or be killed. "But at least I can be honest about it." Vegeta gives her a nod, he never hid what he was, or what he did. She wasn't the only one here that did what they felt they had to, so most were understanding at least.

The party was over by now, people left, tables were clean, whatever left over food was laying around was quickly eaten. Everyone left as things started to calm down once again. Trunks stood back, he had just been watching Sara for the last hour or so, just short of thinking things over. He had to admit he had to admire the fact she had been bold enough to not only tell the truth, but stand up for her rights to do what she had to in order to survive. He felt a hand on his back and he almost jumped into the air to see his mother smiling up at him. He gives her a nod, time to bite the bullet and see where this went.

Sara was watching them take down the tents, her tail wagging as they couldn't seem to agree on how it was done. Even Vegeta was watching with mild interest. "A hundred gold says the guy on the left kicks that pole over there." Vegeta takes a look at a ever growing frustrated young man as he tried to take apart the support poles for the tents. He just raises his brow, but watches, sure enough he does, then hops away in pain. "Ow...I think he might have broken his toe..." Vegeta half turns his head to see his son walking over. Taking the hint he wonders off.

She blinks as she looks up to see she was now alone until she half turned to run right smack into Trunks. He catches her and holds her a foot away. "You okay?" She nods as she moves her hair out of her face. "It's like walking into a wall with you Saiyans isn't it?" She had learned the hard way through her training that they were made of some hard stuff. However she just looks up at him, tail still wagging behind her. He found it oddly cute to see that her being happy had that effect on her. "I'm okay, I think by now I'm getting used to this."

Trunks kept his gaze on her. It never really hit him until now how lovely she was. Her eyes were a different shade of blue than his, soft tanned skin with some freckles here and there on her cheeks. Her dark hair flowing well past her shoulders since her ears were on her head, nothing really held it back. He lets out a low cough as he starts to realize he had been standing here for a few good minutes, in silence. She just keeps her eyes on him, wondering what in the world was going on with this guy. "I...still want to thank you, I don't think I would have kept a level head if it hadn't been for you."

He moves slightly, staying close to her. "She...I hope she finds, what she needs, I don't think I can really help her. No one can, but I don't want to think about it anymore." He gets bold and reaches out, touching her cheek lightly. Her skin turns pink in a instant as she keeps her eyes on him. "I don't think either one of us has had the best of luck when it comes to romance, hell you've seen it for yourself. That doesn't mean..we can't try right?" All she could do was blink, somewhere between, surprise and, more surprised. "I'm not asking for anything serous, I want to get to know you better, but I want the chance to give it a shot."

She didn't know what to say, Hell not even Anomen had given her this much. Whenever he spoke it was always about him, and his problems. The only time she got to say anything was about her dealings with the Order. Her ears flick, she hadn't said anything, he was looking at her. "You mean like things you were talking about?" He gives her a smile and nods. she still wasn't all to used to their culture just yet, but at least she was trying. "Yes..if you'll let me." She moves her tail slowly as she gave it some thought.

There wasn't much of a downside to this, if it didn't work at least in the end no one would get hurt. She gives him a nod after awhile, her tail wagging again. "Sure..but you're paying, until I can trade my gold in..which we've yet to do." He had forgotten about that until now, he still had to find a place that would take it in and see how much it was worth. "We'll take care of it, I promise." She gives him a large smile as she laughs. "Than sure, it's not like I'm going anywhere's." He was so delighted, he kissed her. It took her a minute, but she closed her eyes and kissed him back. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.