Chapter 28:

Late into the night Sara found her way to the library. She had gotten used to the place, at least to a point she could find a few places. This was one of them, and she found the history here was just something else. Since she didn't really sleep she would just curl up here and read for the night until morning came. She found Vegeta was normally the one to wake up first, then the others. From Monday through Friday Bulla would go to school, so she was learning the days as they went by. While her own education hadn't been that vast she learned what she could, through reading.

She didn't really care what she picked, most of what she found in here held her interest long enough to pass the time. Also she figured it wouldn't bother anyone in the house since she hardly made a sound. As she sat down her ear flicks to see Vegeta of all people wonder in. She tilts her head as he just grabs his own chair and leans back. The man still wasn't great with people skills, but Hell he was here. He already knew she didn't have much for 'family'. She was about as alone as he was and common ground was hard to find.

"Don't say a word, what little history you find in those books are useless drivel these humans pass as, what really happened. Ha, the people on this planet are as blind as ever." She puts the book away as she turns to him. "Now Saiyans have a rich history, that spans back thousands of years, though for those countless years it was believed that the super Saiyan form was nothing more than a legend, me and Kakarott proved that wrong." He crosses his arms as he kept his gaze on her. "We're born fighters, no doubt you've seen that yourself." She gives him a nod.

"Good, there's more.." He shuffled a bit, he might as well do this, he would have to tell this to Bulla when she got older. He wasn't looking forward to that. "It's obvious the boy likes you, Saiyans are naturally attracted to those that share a similar fighting spirit, that fact you hold up well even against me is impressive. Still, the boy is new to his instincts, I don't think I need to fill you in on the details." She shakes her head at him. "No sir." Her ears flick as she keeps her eyes on him. " fair, I get it." She looks down a bit as she feels herself blush.

"I guess I understand more since, my mind doesn't really work the same way as everyone else does. I'm not human, not anymore, and being stuck like this only makes it a bit harder I guess, my mindset has changed slightly since I woke up in that....dungeon." She shivers a bit as she closes her eyes for a minute. She turns her gaze back to him, her ears low now. "I'm no good at these things, my only romantic encounter was a self centered knight who thought the worse of me. I know deep down...Trunks is different, still." She holds her hand up and shrugs.

"I understand, human emotions are...difficult, Trunks is, thankfully only half human, at least he gets his common sense from my side." Sometimes, though Vegeta kept his mouth shut. "Look I' good at this either, I'm a warrior, I understand fighting much like you do." "Amen to that." He smirks a bit and laughs. "Use that spirit girl, that's enough." Her ears flick as they stand up, twitching. "Really?" "Woman, you think I would choose just anyone for my mate?" His eyes narrow a bit as he points to himself. "I, the Prince of all Saiyans, no one stood against me, then I came to this planet only to run into the most, infuriating woman there is, and the only one to ever stand up to me."

Sara tried not to laugh but she lets out a low snort as she nods. "I get it, and I can see what you like about Bulma, she's..fiery, in her own way. She doesn't strike me as the kind of gal to sit on the sidelines and take no for an answer." "She isn't, trust me, damn near got herself killed once coming after me years ago.." A small part of him still kicked himself for not helping her. But deep down a part of his just couldn't. "The point is, I don't care she's not strong physically, she's strong in other aspects and as a Sayian, sometimes that's all that matters, we're just hardwired that way." Sara gave it some honest thought before she tilt her head again.

"'re saying he's liked me from that start?" Vegeta could only shrug as he looks up. "It's possible, not everyday you hear Whis talk highly of someone, so there's a chance you've left an impression on the boy." She could feel her face go warm again as she looks at her hands for a minute. "Wow..err, just a question, why..are you telling me all this?" Vegeta doesn't answer at first, going quiet enough she could hear a pin drop. "You deserve to know what you're getting yourself into girl.."

This time she does laugh as her face lights up. "Okay, I get it, thanks..but in all honestly, shouldn't you be more worried about what I can do, more than what he might do?" He looked her over, giving it some honest thought. Deep down, no he wasn't worried, if it was in her blood to mark her potential mate Vegeta could understand. He more or less did the same thing to Bulma even if she never noticed. "No, Trunks is strong enough to handle himself." He watches as her ears go low again. "I meant..if things did get...serious, there's a chance, I can infect him."

It seemed to be a real fear she had, and he couldn't blame her. She did tell them her lycanthropy was contagious. "His Saiyan blood will protect him." She jumps at that. "You really think so?" He wasn't completely sure since he had never met a werewolf until now, but he was positive that with his blood, he could resist the disease. "Saiyans have a naturally high immune system, I've never been sick in my life, neither has Trunks, I don't think you have anything to worry about." He could see she was still worried, but she just gives him a slow nod. " didn't have to go through all this trouble though..."

"Mmmff, and don't you dare tell anyone about this, I'll deny it." He turned his back to her as she laughs again. "Don't worry, I won't, thank you.." It felt strange, standing here, talking with him like this. She didn't have much of a father figure outside of Oreyn and he only trained her in the skills she had now. Still he did his best, for the most part. "I'm not used to the whole uh, father speech thing, but I do appreciate it." He gives her a final nod, before walking out to get some sleep, leaving her to her thoughts.