these another random post I made & very mess.... no need to read, I prefer write everything to make sure I do not forget ( lately i got short memory syndrome & need to write down everything on note as doctor advise me )

sorry but not sorry~

These word should be avoid from my mouth :

I have enough with these because... it is not effective to make people mind better but make everything worse x_x

to remove & lesser my bad habit of saying sorry... lately i learn more with people! more people & more wisdom I got!
-suit with me without touching normal socialize circle-
my rendezvous & secret garden & not everyone able to touch these layer.
perfect layer for me & actually i prefer to learn more to be able to meet requirement but sadly SMART in term of knowing & learn from book is not enough to able to survive in these world.

so far... I only able to see outer & possibility comes out but people always suspect me to be jealous with someone... sadly.. my heart died and you able to call me that?
poor you.. i only try to make sure no one get hurt & your stubborn manner get my nerve! who cares people call me odd or strange creature.

cause of these situation then let all die at once is better way to make your eyes open up cause you need to realize who is right or wrong.
although this way is not 100% success for make you understand the situation.
cause cunning people already set up these trap for you without you know. the possibility you cannot understand the situation become increase & that's why i told in these post, from these process you need to realize something which is right or wrong by your own or by someone...

that's why in the end i will say " let you be free on your own & wish you be still good."
I hope someone able to help you out & not me...