I decide to not continue playing here.
Too hurt for me.. ( more hurting at games I play right now!! xd 24 hours crazy focus than fishing like fxck for a month!! I may tooooooo crazy to get involved by accident!! but thanks for that unlucky event! now I trapped & captivate by that fxcking games! ILU my unlucky! I participate on new games & the genre is about WAR!! )

anyway, for real.. I do not wish to be here anymore...
I want to focus on another games I play not long ago.
these games take all my focus & sweep away my cloudy mind!

I know my attitude can be called as immature but what i did really unforgivable & I am way too sad & hurt. sorry I am too weak & really even you not forgive me anymore I prefer we can be friends again.
Right now Thank you for new friends on that new games I just join not long ago!!!

everyday I feel insecure on new games but it's thrilling! between extreme fear & exciting in the same time!
new friends right now i have shows me their loyal on group / guild / clan.
and for 3 weeks we survive from enemy and from 100 peoples who joins, I make 15 new friends and others leave clan for seeking powerful clan.
from 15 person who become my ally there is 3 PRO Gamers on that games! they just testing new people at guild as Noob! xd
GEEZ! now on their new account, they keep play with me as rival in the guild for fastest increase rank on the games!
they finally pick me as leader guild / clan on that games & seriously is not good for me LOL
because that games need tactic for playing, I am willing to give out my phone number & we chat a lot there & not private things seriously! xd
Mostly like we talking SHXT happen on us such get attacked by enemy, had to fight with monster, giving lot of tips playing, & lead new event.
No Private things shared & because of that I never feel insecure anymore in that games like I face on GAIA.

so much fun i had! ^_^
I cannot believe this for now... on January till February, I was crying like sick people & now I become energetic again! like reborn to new person!
So... I probably abandon my account here & taking fully hiatus in GAIA.
probably 2 years! because the games I play taking forever for real.
the games more like, if you want go for revenge, use your real money!! and 80% of gamers in the war games I play using real money to kill their enemy!