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i don't understand
It's nothing really. I just have to get this off my chest.

I have a friend. and. *sigh* I think I'm usually a competent communicator. But with this guy, we don't speak the same language. His motivations and mine are completely opposite. Sometimes I even wonder why we're friends? But yeah...

So I'm talking to him on messenger tonight. He went on walking tour of a portion of NYC. And he tells me he was in the Korean town area, sends me a pic of a store sign, that's great. Nice. (i lived in korea, love korean etc etc) I read the sign (it also had english on it) but we nearly end up having a fight over stupid signs.

ugh. i can't even sometimes.

me: that's ok. health land huh

There were several places with no English signage at all

me: i read the korean lol
they probably figure anyone who really wants to come can read XD

him: It's technically illegal razz

me: maybe on a state level? but like, i never saw a law that said all signs must be in english XD
*whistles and points at no official national language* (he doesn't respond right away. i can see him getting angry. so i write...)
don't get all gripey about no english. imagine instead how it would feel to immigrate and not see a single sign you understood ^^
at least in their little corner, they can feel somewhat less alien
(i used to go to starbucks for this reason)

him: I don't care, I'm just saying it's illegal in NY and NJ

me: state laws huh

i got stuck on why he felt he needed to bring up that "it's technically illegal".
like... did i insult his intelligence by saying i could read korean? so he brought up having a non-bilingual sign being illegal there?

i should add, because i know him pretty well, and have had lots of these stupid kinds of miscommunicatons before, where he says "i don't care" his tone is not civil. he's not playing or joking, he's either sulking or growling.

we practically fought last week because i brought up kpop's BTS, and he offered that his favorite youtuber was tricked into checking them out (not sure if tricked was the word he used, maybe suckered into.. coerced? someone convinced her.). and i asked what she thought, and the first thing he said was "she lamented how they wore such expensive clothes that she could not afford."
keep in mind - i don't know who all on youtube he watches. we don't have the same tastes at all.
so i said something like "yeah they're rich now. but bieber has a ferrari"
it just seemed like he wanted to point out that they were wealthy (which they aren't that wealthy... i should have focused on that...) and didn't say anything about this person's opinion. he wasn't saying anything. dragging out the point.
and i snapped and pretty much called his youtube person a materialist.
i shouldn't have, and i apologized. but like...
i'm still salty over this.
why does he have to be so round about in saying things and labor points that he doesn't even want to talk about? (i wanted to know if she liked BTS. he could only say she liked their expensive clothes....... but not say it that directly. she lamented her inability to purchase their clothes..... just. no. that isn't what i asked)
he quipped back that he wouldn't tell me what this person thought of BTS just for my jumping to conclusions about someone i don't know.

and i just want to pull my hair out --- you didn't give me any information and only made her sound like a brand loving person.

but i just apologized for making assumptions.

i'll make some more assumptions....

like, this sign thing. he was just being an a*****e stickler for the law. which is dumb. because it's whatever. who cares if the sign's not bilingual? why bring that law up?
i was trying to soften it all by saying he had ways to understand - by asking someone or texting me or his sister (who also can read korean). he wasn't taking the bait.
and i say: you just have to be salty huh

him: I'm not salty, I'm just telling you because I know it's something you like. I don't give a crap what they do

um... you told me about korean town because i like it. but then you tell me some of their signs are illegal.... what am i supposed to do? be all "oh golly gee those terrible law breakers!"
i probably should have just said "whatever". he'd probably have been grumpy about that too.
if he doesn't give a crap what they do, why mention illegal signage?

sorry. i'm rambling.
i guess my gripe is - his being petty and peevish over not being able to read signs. as if that is a big deal. not everyone can read. (i can't read norwegian and he can. i don't get peevish over that) or whatever that makes him belabor dumb points that he doesn't mean (or says he doesn't) and not get to the important parts. (i recognize - what i deem important. not everyone values the same things.. but like... if we're going to talk about signs, let's talk about signs and not bring up their legality. that just tells me you dislike them or have a problem with them. and i don't. and i'm happy there is a k town or two. don't be negative or downer about something i like... didn't you tell me about k town because i like it... and now you're being negative? )

*throws arms up in air*
i don't understand

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commentCommented on: Wed Sep 27, 2017 @ 01:18am
It's illegal to make emergency signs and stop signs in a language other than English, from what I understand. I have no idea what he's talking about when he says store signs in NY can't have foreign lettering on them. I don't see how that's Constitutional. No law keeper really freaks out if a Korean store sign in Koreatown is written in Korean. stare

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