Hello there my old friend.
My creative ability.
The thing that sets me apart from everyone.
My own mind ENIGMA.
My phone doesn't want to charge.
That makes like five chargers in this month.
Fourth month fifth charger, I don't like those numbers.
I need to break another charger all evens breh.

What did I do today?
I laid on the floor most of it.
I cleaned my bathroom.
Well sorta I didn't clean it good enough for my standards but good enough for normal people I guess.
Well maybe not even that everyone is different so who knows.
My family is coming back as I type this.
My mom is probably going to ask me to put music on her Ipod.
It's hard to imagine but my mom doesn't know s**t about computers.
Well she knows a bit but what seems like basics to me is advanced to her.
Oh how time makes fools of us all.
I found an old song the other day.
I remember I used to listen to it a lot.
Especially when I was trying to get Alejandra to be with me.
Such a long time ago I suppose.
Almost a year maybe?
Or has it been two to three?
Well I'd say four ******** three.
Now I'm eating a terrible cookie.
It's basically double chocolate.
Too much chocolate, I can feel it sticking to my teeth and I feel hate.
Well it's all I've pretty much eaten today I guess.
Well minus all the water and pills.
Oh I ate cold lasagna that had been sitting in my room since last night.
It tasted bland and I only ate it to get rid of a taste in my mouth.
I guess I could have brushed my teeth, which I ended up doing anyway.
Well what have I been up to?
I haven't done anything.
I became a good actor I guess, I'm juggling relationships.
Friends, a significant other, my mom.
I can fake a pretty decent smile now.
The late David would be proud.
Well not really he'd probably be disappointed in me, but he's dead so who cares.

"There are no men like me, there is only me."