"Compartmentalization began as an architectural theory, divide buildings into sections that can be closed off to prevent a fire from spreading. Life can also be divided into closed-off sections, makes everything much simpler."

Here I am a master of this theory.
This is the life I have made for myself, carefully divided.
The only chaos in my life is the kind I create.
I do happen to create a lot of it, but that's because a simple life is too little.
It's not enough for me at least not now.
It's not simple and it's not complicated it just is.
I hate it.
No matter how much I try and spice it up, I cannot get past it.
This overwhelming sense of boredom.
It is only in the madness that create that I enjoy myself.
Yet here I am bored, typing slightly under the influence.
We all have to play the hands we're dealt.
Some of us are just dealt s**t.