I'm babysitting someone's kid.
It's tiring, but I'm always tired so there is no real difference.
I want to play League but I feel like something important would happen.
Which would ruin the game for me because I wouldn't be able to focus on it.
I suck anyway so I guess it doesn't really matter.
Well I wouldn't say I suck, more like average.
I'm not good, but I'm not bad.
The kid wants me to put this heart
She's mad because it didn't show the heart when I clicked it.
I had to explain coding to a three year old.
RITO took my wallet.
I spent like $200 or so on League.
I know I'll end up spending more when the new champion comes out.
I'm so pathetic.
Palmdale is alright I guess.
My new house is cool I guess.
There really isn't much to do here.
I just got internet.
I haven't reaally been staying home much so whatever.
Also, ******** who ever thought that all fans shouldn't work the same.
Some fans are high powered a** s**t and some are just weak sauce.
You also as far as I know. won't know which is which until you turn it on.
You also can't return them because you opened them already.
It's bullshit .
It seems people are always going for the youngest they can get without going to jail
I'm noticing it everywhere.
I got to pull a nail out of my mother's foot.
Not before "accidentally" pushing it more in.

Babysitting douchebag kids that I don't like, for money I don't really need.
I'm bound to run into more adventures if I stay away from home.
I'm almost finished with this book.
It's only 106 pages, because that's all the pages it had.
Well 107 if you count the last page I left blank.
But ******** odd numbers.
Maybe I'll send copies to places.
Of course to do that I'd have to type it out.
Which means I'd change things
I've already rewritten this story 10 times now.
So I'd probably rewrite it another two times because ******** odd numbers.
Then maybe I'd send a copy to places.
But really at that point I'd probably realize what a stupid little s**t I am.
I'd delete it.
Burn the book.
Make S'mores.