Faith in Humanity, #1

Today, I watched a video about a homeless man receiving a "winning lottery ticket". The man making the video gives a homeless man a lottery ticket that is supposed to be a winning one. Really, the liquor store cashier knew what the man was doing and agreed to give the homeless man the winnings. (This is what I understand from the video, if I'm wrong, my apologies. It makes sense to me if the homeless man actually gets to keep all of the money!)

So this man goes up to this homeless man, who he hears is actually a very nice, generous homeless man, and doesn't have money to give him but gives him a "winning" lottery ticket instead. They go into the liquor store together, the cashier approves the ticket, and hands the homeless man $1000. The homeless man then turns to the man who gave him the ticket and hands him a few hundred dollar bills, keeps a few for himself, and says, "This is all I really need..." The man told the homeless man, "No, it's yours. You keep it. You won it." The homeless man then began to cry and the man took him in his arms for a hug.

The homeless man then was so grateful and told the man that he had never had a friend so generous as he. It was very sweet, in my opinion, that the homeless man would actually give the man back his money since it was originally his "winning" ticket and that he only needed a small amount of the $1000. And it was even more sweet that the man decided to help out the homeless man the way that he did.

Stories like this restore my faith in humanity.

P.S. I'm sure if you'd like to watch this video, you could search google with "Homeless man gets winning lottery ticket" or something along those lines.