So, since posting my marketing suggestion topic in Site Feedback, when I'm not making sure to keep my topic on the front page, I like to skim through the other topics in the forum. One of Gaia's recent trends over the past few months is, of course, the sale of recolors of popular items, new and old alike, but as with everything else about Gaia's marketing strategy, users are citing a few problems with these recolors.

The quality is slipping. There is little or no shading. The colors look flat and ugly.

Don't take my word for it. This is what users have been saying and they've been posting the screenshots to back it up. And, from an artistic standpoint, the users are probably right.

Cat Silver used to get on my case about shading when I would dabble in pixel art. At first I didn't have a damn clue what she was talking about because I'm not really much of an artist and I was just messing around with my computer's Paint program. So, she explained it to me and I gave it a try. I hated it. It was slow and it was tedious and it took even longer than it had taken to create the original image. But, once all the hard work was done, the images definitely looked a whole lot better than when I had started. The process was annoying, but there was no denying the results.

So yeah, I can kind of understand why shading might not be very high on the agenda for Gaia's current marketing team. It's a time consuming process and they care more about the quantity of items being sold more than the quality of those items. But, as with so many other things about Gaia's present marketing strategy, this is a problem. It leads to items looking sloppy and unprofessional. And, worse yet, it discourages users from wanting to buy them, especially at the prices that are being charged for them. If they're going to list these recolors for 1500-2500 Gaia Cash ($15-$20) or more, some of them being priced between 5000-7500 Gaia Cash ($50-$75), for an individual item, then the quality better be freaking amazing to warrant the hefty price tag.

For shame, Gaia, in your desperation to make money you just keep sabotaging yourself.