This really isn't funny. I feel like I've been scammed by Gaia.

I filed a billing ticket immediately when I realized that the Rise to Greatness Tier was removed prematurely on April 26th. I even posted in a discussion topic to raise awareness that it was, in fact, an error on Gaia's part. The error was acknowledged and the Rise to Greatness Tier was re-activated for a few short hours before being removed again at the time it was originally scheduled to end. During that time I was able to spend toward a few more of the tiered spending rewards, but I still had to wait for my ticket to clear in order to be credited for the amount I had spent while the Rise to Greatness Tier was mistakenly removed that afternoon. I didn't get that response until the following afternoon, on the 27th. The Rise to Greatness Tier was already over and replaced by the Sleepy Monday Tier. I was told that I had been credited for the Rise to Greatness Tier and that I could claim my items on the Tier page. Maybe if I had been able to check my e-mail a little sooner I might have still had a chance, although I sincerely doubt it, but by the time I caught wind of the e-mail it was already too late.

I responded to the ticket stating as much. I asked if it would be possible to have the items granted directly to my account instead. Now it's been a week without any further response. I'm not just upset, I'm offended. Offended that in that time I've seen two additional Tiers (May Awakening Tier and Monochrome Majesty) get released like nothing went wrong. At this point I doubt I'll be granted the items I should have gotten, but whatever. I already bought them up off the Marketplace. I shouldn't have had to, of course, as I should have obtained them for free, but if I didn't buy them up when I did, then odds are I never would have been able to get them at all. And I really don't want to have to compete with the inflation.

So yeah, I'm disappointed in you Gaia. Very disappointed. More-so, in fact, than I think I've ever been before. And I've been here long enough to witness some pretty spectacular bullsh*t on this site.