Gaia, the reason people have stopped reading announcements and barely trust staff notices anymore is your own fault. Banner ads weren't enough for you. You had to try to spam-advertise your cash pushes as much as possible through more and more repetitive daily announcements. When Gold Generators eventually stopped fetching the same amount of profit, you started releasing them in even greater quantities with opportunities for granting increasingly outrageous quantities of gold to try to compensate for the loss. But you brought that all on yourselves too. The reason users blatantly ignore your attempts at advertising is because your methods have given them less and less of a reason to financially support the site. Users are angry and no longer enamored with the novelty of avatar customization that this site offers. And again, it is your own damn fault. Instead of enticing us with your advertisements, all you've managed to do is continuously annoy and frustrate your user base with cash pushes and promises of virtually unobtainable virtual items. Way to go, almost no one wants to read announcements anymore because we know they are just going to be more cash pushes. Spreading your cash pushes to our Private Messages inbox isn't going to help or even fix the problem. You're just tossing more salt in the open wound. Users still aren't going to want to read your ads.

Seriously, good luck repairing the damage you've caused to public relations with your dedicated user base. You've cut off open communication with the Gaia administration and it's clear that even when you claim to be listening to your users all you really do is hear what we're saying and tune out all the negative feedback. It's bad marketing. It makes your site look bad. It makes your company look bad. It's just bad business. There are far more trustworthy companies to invest money in and other forum based communities and social media for your users to contact each other on. Gaia Online is not the center of everyone's attention on the internet, and for good reason. Gaia has been an absolute failure at upholding its promises, let alone its own positive image.

I really do want to like this site. It's been a fun and relaxing place for me to hangout over the years. However, I cannot, in good conscience, overlook the many flaws with your company and marketing practices. I won't financially support your product because it's no longer a product that I can rightfully promote. And, once again, Gaia, there is no one to blame for all this other than yourselves. Own up and maybe users like me will be forgiving and give you another chance to change our minds, but until then, I will continue to ignore your cash pushes no matter how intrusive you try to make your marketing.