I have the best friends.

I'm sure it's no trouble to Kyouya-san to offer to let me ship GLaDOS to him, but it's huge to me, and he did it without even thinking hard about it.

I could almost fangirl at him, I'm so happy. I shall have to find out something nice I can do for him - maybe I can get Tio to ship me some more coffee beans, he clearly liked the ones I gave him!

I shall have to find out what else he likes though - it's not done to give someone the same gift every time. Cautiously. I'm sure he's had enough of squeeing stalker fangirls - it looks like most of the Host Club has this problem. Poor boys! I mean, Hunny seems to enjoy being fed sweets, but I can't imagine it's particularly restful.

They are charming, though. It's restful to be around people who put up with my language botches and don't giggle up their sleeves at me. I should think of a nice thing I can do for all of them, really.

Hmmmmm. Nope, no bright ideas right now. But I'm sure I'll think of something - I just need more data.

Still. I have the best friends. And nobody laughed at me for showing up at the Masquerade in the wrong century - I thought it was just costumes, but they were all doing something that looked like it was out of Venice or Milan in the 18th or 19th century. Oops. TRON wasn't quite there... I'll have to save the costume and use it again later, sometime when it's more appropriate - they apparently do a lot of stuff like that.