Hairline fracture in my patella, plus a whopping big bone bruise and some tearing of the meniscus underneath. Doctor's orders are to stay off it as much as possible for the next two weeks, then report for physical therapy to try to help things heal up right.

No meets for me until spring.

There are no words. Papa says he will come down. I told him what was the point, I cannot walk anywhere and if we sit around, I will just end up moping so please keep his students happy.

I chatted with Pepito and Elenea online, he was sympathetic and suggested all manner of things I could do to Panda's brother for landing me in this predicament - even if I just tripped over the rug on my own - but Elena had the best suggestion of the lot, which was that since I was in Japan, I could try to find some sort of martial arts class so that next time, I would not feel so overwhelmed. One where the teacher "would not suck llama dung," to quote my charming 8 year old cousin.

I will ask Honey-sempai to recommend one. If I cannot talk, I can perhaps let my actions do the talking for me.

After, of course, my knee heals up. In the mean time, I have a cane and an exceptionally uncomfortable knee brace. I'm wearing it over my trousers. The hospital suggested maybe I could wear a skirt because that would be easier?

HAH. Fat chance. I am not about to give the boys in my math class yet another reason to think I am feminine and therefore stupid.

(Too bad there is no sword in the cane, that would be cool. I will still hit Panda's brother with it if he comes anywhere near me, though.)