Spent most of the day coding after sleeping in after that adrenaline rush at the movie last night. I damn well deserved it after the way they nearly gave me a heart attack last night. Went and did some running this afternoon instead of visiting the Host Club. Gave me some time to think and also stretch.

Still need to translate that abysmal paper. May need to send a begging letter to tio Ricardo and ask for more coffee, these papers are getting harder and harder to do and I couldn't bear the thought of drinking sheep dip again this morning.

Note to self: thank Marco for the beginner's parkour lesson, tell him it came in handy, he'll be pleased; dig around and see if Ouran has a parkour club. (Probably not, but...)
Note to self: find out when the Host Club does paintball OUTSIDE
Note to self: wash poncho
Note to self: check and make sure the trellis under the host club window isn't broken, and verify that it really is sturdy enough for an escape route...if I keep going back there, I somehow suspect I'll end up using again.