I'm going to start cataloguing all the things I think they've burned, steeped, boiled or marinated in the dining room coffee. Then I'm going to send Tio the list for Christmas along with a suggestion that maybe he wants to try selling these people some third tier beans, because really, even THOSE would be better than the flavor in this coffee.

Thus far, since I started in September, I swear I have tasted:
* old boot (by far the most common)
* burned lard
* burned french fry (I don't want to know)
* burned sugar (probably the best of the lot which is why it stopped, of course)
* gym sock
* gin (I don't know, I didn't do it)
* burned peanut

And this morning I swear it tasted like wet dog.

Nobody even notices. I'm going to start carrying a bottle of chili oil with me and putting it in the coffee until I can get something better, because ugh. The host club's beans weren't bad - a little over-roasted and some of them were probably a little unripe when they got roasted, but...yuck.

Papa says that he thinks he will come visit me this weekend, to see how I'm doing, instead of me going up there. I feel a little ashamed of my dorm room - it's almost twice the size of his appartment up in Tokyo. But he says he's got a nice big office with a couch at the U so he's not spending much time in it anyway. I, at least, have a couch to put him up on. (I checked the rules - there's nothing that says one can't have one's *parents* stay with one, just siblings, or friends of the opposite sex. I guess folks here are wealthy enough that they just stay in a hotel or something. Where's the fun in that?)

Papa says we should go buy me a hot plate so I can make arepas when I'm pulling an all nighter. I think he's a little optimistic that my fellow dorm dwellers will put up with the smell of such common food pervading the air in the hall, but I miss them so much that I don't think I care.

I think I will skip the Host Club today and go check the trig book out of the library. I should probably find out what it is I'm supposed to be tutoring before it's right in front of me. Papa sent me some notes on stuff I can try with that last night - I have the best Papa in the world. smile And anyway, I should finish my multivar problems before I study that.