Dear Desire,

------I really don't know how to say this but I really wished that I could have gotten to know you better. I really like you for some reason, like I think you're really cute and pretty. I also liked how you're smart too.

------Something about you made me feel small on the inside for some reason, like you'd scratch away the surface of me and reveal that part of myself that i don't want anyone to see. That silent kid that thinks a lot, that shy me that I always hid because it reminded me of bad times when I was little. And maybe I tried to cover it up so many times, that I'd make myself look like an a*****e, or a douche. But that really doesn't matter now anyways. Maybe I should have just been me.

------Even now I still think I like you. I hope to see you again, if we don't, I hope I put some closure and I can finally let that silent kid inside me relax. I'd always wonder what you were thinking in those silent train rides we have. I guess I'll never know, and I'll be fine with that.
Yours Truly,