I guess its working, I have new friends I think...

I zOMG'd with froggy yesterday, I was really happy because I haven't talk to her in a while so some cool stuff. Thinking about Froggy made me miss Oona, Ayaka, and Rose. I always aggro yellow maze for them, for once I thought these guys gave me the same feelings I have felt back then with Digi, Butterz, and Susan. I hope they comeback, I mean I hope I get to aggro for Oona, Rose and Ayaka again. I mean I got to know, Rose and Ayaka in a personal level that I have only shown in the past, so I hope they come back. I wanna know more about Oona because I never really got to know her, and we were all friends. So yeah... I'm silly. I hope I get to zOMG with them again in the future. For now I'll continue to get myself stronger.

I also have another set of friends; I don't really know how to group them. They're friends, but I don't know them as much and they don't really know me. So I guess they're like acquaintances or colleagues, but I still enjoy their company. I just feel damn awkward around them cause that's who I am. I still thank them for helping me out on my looking forward campaign.

Then there's the people in between.... I have no words