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frikken awesome dream and i was waken up from it. the last part that i woke from was fire attire and myself were sniping what i think was Yakuza mob members under a freeway, we just massacred them all over. then got to this boss who looked like the swimming uncle from life of Pi. him and some snotty looking kingpin were like saying we couldnt kill ether of them, but i was laughing like a mad man, couldnt stop. some Japanese schoolgirl with pigtails warned them not to provoke us when i started to laugh. she didnt get a chance to tell them why. not apparently the guy was suppose to be able to withstand all harm, thats y he was in just speedos. i shot threw his chest and then on threw too the main guys head missing a guy between thems shoulder, but i fallowed the bullet like real-time slomo and i only intended to kill those to so the shot was perfect. i started to laugh so hard but then got woken up.

before that thou i was in a fallout 3 dream but was also zombies. was going threw killing zombies and what i thought was raiders all stealth but i figured out they wernt raiders when they caught me and i chose not to shoot. turned out they were under others to do that cuz of some dude that was controlling them by threatening there family. he shows up sitting in a herse that has blacked out window and bones all over it. i flip te car with my own strength over and over till he is pretty much dead in it and open it letting the other kill him. the driver thou was sitting there with his hands taped behind his back and eyes/nose duckt taped, before anyone killed the bad guy he was sitting there and i spoke to the driver that was clearly there against his will and was like "do you want me to getyou out of there?" and hes like "no, my (something or other) will burn is i ever leave the car" but it was sarcastic so i wasnt sure if he meant it but the bad dude laughed and was like "haha, yea, his nose hairs cant handle leaving me" and he passed wind in the back of the car and the driver says "oh god....". but i couldnt be sure cuz the car did seem very humid and yea, any way i let them free to live in some abandons city then. i crossed the street to a building and thought, "now where do i put these ppl?".

after that dream thou there was one about flying around gta, and that the xbl servers were messed so i was in game and gravity ran parallel to the ground for players, and the more ppl on the worse it got. but i still tried to parcore my way threw a mission. got half was leaving but then got an update to get some dude, the some of the guy in story mode, his gothic ring to propose to some girl.

there was also something to do with a movie theater and chilling with michal jordon and his little girl for a nice, pleasant, family day, random as frik. got them popcorn.

man i have weird dreams X_x

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