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been thinking. yea you know, fun right? ive been pretty unstable lately. there was a time i wasnt emotional about stuff, not fragile. it was when i turned off my emotions and started to only worry about myself. i hate that time, it was bad. i was mean and heartless to so many people. at the time thou at least it didnt bother me. cut people out of my life without hesitation and made decisions with no one but myself in mind.

maybe i should do that again. hit that little switch in my head that makes me cold and hard as ice. not a literal switch obviously but basically just not allow myself to care what i do to others. or maybe this time i can find a happy medium.

im going to write this down just so i know how to act in a situation. i have rules and ive been trying to adjust them better.

- dont say negative toward others, only the facts for both you and them and let others judge.

- do not swear, it causes only anger to those that hear it and those that speak it.

- do not drink nor do drugs, you have seen the actions and repercussions of those that have allowed it to consume there lives.

- at the utmost, speak only fact, always, regardless if it makes you look bad, if it makes people hate what you've done, and regardless of how you are seen for the act. a lie is wrong in any light

- follow laws and rules set forth by others in a position of authority, most are there for your safety or the safety of others.

- be morally better than the next person, people deserve a better.

- be honest, people deserve that much regardless if it puts me in a bad light

- even when honest, be kind. no one, sometime even myself, can handle blunt honesty.

- (new) if you feel someone wrongs you, walk away from them. no one is is to good or known for to long to be removed from your life

- (new) do what is best for you, no one else will

- if you need something done, do it yourself. no one else will

- if your not willing to do something, dont ever expect someone else to do it and dont ask another to, they wont.

- hate is not wrong if it is used right and put in the right place.

- never take your anger or hurt onto anyone or anything that isnt the source of that anger.

- when you say you will do something, do it at any costs unless there is a very strong reason you cant. you know how it feels when others fail you.

- Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. but do not expect it. you will not receive it.

- never go after the ex of a friend, it shows you have no respect for them and it will always destroy that friendship, ALWAYS.

- respect your relationship as well as others, never cheat because to be cheated on is horrible and never make another cheat, if they are willing to for you, there is no reason they wont cheat on you.

- respect others enough to not go after someone they fancy, it is not right when you can find another and you know what it is like to have girl after girl that you like taken from you time and time again.

- even if the relationship is over, do not speak poorly of it, it was something great once and even if it is over the other person meant something to you and deserves that much so speak truths and dont speak out of pain. if it isnt good, dont say it.

- (new) lead yourself and others will follow.

- (new) expect from others their worst because their worst is what you will receive on this day or a later day.

- (new) you will receive the worst, but be your best regardless. you may not control them, but you can control yourself.

- never ever say bad against someone who is not there regardless if they do so to you.

- if asked a question, regardless if the answer embarrasses you or might make you look bad, answer to the best of ur ability. only dont answer if it regards someone else, they may not want that information shared.

- think positive of others, do right by others, be good to others, be there for others, but dont be a fool for others. no one will ever treat you like that, do not expect it, do not crave it, do not want it. take take solace in your actions and not what you can receive from them.

- dont get comfortable, people always leave, give up, run away, forget you, you are nothing to everyone. it isnot something to be sad about or angry about, it is who you are. own it, accept it, acknowledge it, and move on.

- lastly, and most importantly, these are MY rules, how i conduct MYSELF. never force you ideals upon another, accept them for who they are, the good, the bad, the light and the dark. accept them when they hate you, when they hurt you, when they do wrong by you. it is ok to leave them when they have no respect for you and do unspeakable acts against you, but accept them even as you leave and even when it is best for you to leave.

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