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You ever notice that in the past, people that were thought lesser, fought to be seen as equals, to be seen as all equal regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, size, education, or general look of an individual. When did "fighting for equality", turn into the fighting to be apart and segregated we see today? I see people segregating police for just being police. I see cultures segregating cultures because of the colour of there skin when they themselves demand justice for being segregated for the colour of there skin. People fight for equality that is there and are blind to the changed that have happened and demand more and more until they have more privileges, opportunity and shortcuts than the ones they fought so hard to be equal to. I have seen people accused of horrible acts based on an individuals regret for something they themselves chose to do and act upon. It is a world where people accuse others just because they are tolled they can. People hurt others because they are tolled they can. I in to way am saying there are not people who are truthful but instead saying that not all people are.

I always hear that its the white man that is basically the ultimate evil and yet here I stand as a straight white man who has never struck a woman in anger, dose not use racial slurs, accepts all others for who they are and yet I feel like I am alone. I myself have been abused by women, people of other races, and all kinds of others based purely on how I look while it's been seen as acceptable, and yet I treat every new individual with the respect I myself would want and every person I've grown to know with the respect they themselves have earned.

Because I am a man, few questioned when my ex said I beat her when I had never, and ignored me when I said she abused me frequently. Because I am white, people will not hire me because they assume I am not struggling and I have only now had one job, short lived as it was, my entire life. Because I have one leg, I am often seen as week and should be looked after and so I have to fight till I bleed to be seen as even capable.

I am not saying this to complain, ok maybe a little, but my points are not any less valid. I do not care who you are, where your are from, or what you think you are entitled to, we all have to fight to be equal and stop pushing each other apart or one day that is exactly what will happen again, we will all be apart and we know the last ones who truly tried to segregate all people. Thay started WWII. The next one to try to divide the world, regardless the reason, could be of any race, gender, sexual preference, or walk of life.

Just think on that next time you judge anyone, even a straight white man.

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