I never knew that school could get this stressful ~ maybe it's because of my terribly bad grades that pressure me into doing well this year, but i am pretty stressed out and it's barely the 3rd week of classes!

Things have not been terrible though, but there's been ups and downs. It's pretty pathetic when i get so, so, so excited that i have a new cardigan for school - it's big and baggy and comfy, and it can hide my hands so if i get cold i can pull my sleeves up instead of wearing gloves, haha~ dramallama

Nothing has been new lately, quite sadly. New crush though.

I'm convinced that he's "THE ONE" but we are not in the same grade and so i barely get to see him. hehe.

during a fire drill once, i saw he was in front of me, so i purposely stumbled and crashed into him, but he was so stoic and cold when i said sorry! crying

That aside, this room is freezing, my fingers and toes are frozen and i need to go to the washroom but i can't since i can't ask the teacher since i'm not even in the class but i cannot just leave............. emo