So today was the last day of school and while i generally don't care very much about my other subjects, i was sorely hoping for the English award. I didn't get it, someone else did instead.

I don't feel bitter about it - his grades were 100% throughout the year and i had only recently started pushing 90%, but i still officially name him my rival - - - in english only. Congrats to him for winning!!!

Exam week now officially starts, which kind of sucks because it's hayfever season for me, and bad eating habits lately (ice cream ice cream ice cream) has made my skin feel a bit overly sensitive and i sometimes break out in rashes, so i am trying to detox while i have the chance so i will not be overly miserable next week when exams start...

But despite that, thank goodness for the mild weather!! I cannot imagine having to wear a blazer and tie and button down and sweater and skirt and al that jazz if it's too hot out!! I wish we could all just wear our summer uniforms, it'd be much less of a hassle.

Here's hoping for 100% on the English final, at least an 80% in Bio, a 80% in Math, and a 90% in Socials! CHEERS!!

whee whee whee