Can't believe that i spent almost all of summer doing nothing. I mean, i've been a bit more productive, but that doesn't stop the fact that summer is half over... crying

anyway, i guess it'll be back to school shopping time soon, but oh wait! i already did my back to school shopping 3nodding i only got a pair of thigh socks and some black leg warmers for colder winter days. Aside from that, i'm pretty set, and i'll probably get some cute pens and maybe a binder or two, but other than that, i'm done. cool

So i guess all is left is to enjoy my summer... since, after all, once school starts, everything is full of doubt, fear, and stress, uguuuuuuuu!! emo

anyway, one more month left... i'll enjoy it to the max!! whee whee whee

~M&M heart