So today, i was sitting in the bus, and i'm listening to music with my head against the window, the sun is hot and i'm about to doze off...

and BAM!! a spider crawls down the glass right next to my face, i scream loudly sweatdrop and i nearly knock over the little boy sitting next to me in my escape.

the girl that sits in the seat one over from me hears me shrieking about the spider, and just as i get the little boy to switch places with me, she starts to scream as well.

i think that she's screaming because the spider is on me, and so in return, i scream even more, and the boys behind me hear us kicking up a fuss and asked if that was pee on the ground, and i notice that the seat, and the ground, was indeed wet, with a yellowish liquid.

and then i realize that i had crushed my lemonade bottle when i panicked, the lid had come undone, and my lunch bag was completely SOAKED! gonk

and of course, for the rest of the ride home, i couldn't help but to think that every itch, every tickle, was the spider crawling back to me for revenge. talk2hand

uwaaa~ what a day redface

~MM heart