It's pretty easy to understand why some of the songs I love are so tender to my heart. It is almost artistic how the story plays out in the songs; how they pour out like some kind of river into an ocean. When I tell it, people are pretty impressed and amazed by how detailed the memory is. There a few that are among my favorites in this list like Five Iron Frenzy for the memories when I was a young teen and would play Windwaker. I mooned over my brother's friend and went to Calavaras. I remember how long the ocean seemed in that game. I remember the panning for gold at that silly site and taking ridiculous pictures. I even remember the longing whenever I looked at the screen for outdoor movies. We played in the rocker that year. The boys convinced Sam that they were Pirates and I gave the girls a lift on my back. They were both much younger then. Young enough that I was babysitting them. When those songs play, I feel my hair and face being whipped by the air coming out the window of the ca as we drive down to Calavaras. I can breathe in that mountain scent and I see all the signs from the highway. I feel the bark of the trees around our cabin and how everything seems much simplier there. It just, does.

I have a similar experience to smells. However, there are fewer smells than songs that trigger memories.