"I took my love and took it down," do you know that song? I totally adore it. It is playing at this moment.

I am trying to get through these workbooks I got for Bipolar disorder but they are just so not helpful that I get frustrated reading them. Instead I think of all these drills that I could be doing that would help like working through any guilt that I feel or writing letters to people. I think even having my parents talk to me about what they think I am going through would help and how they imagine our futures would go, even though I know where that talk goes already, lulz.

At work. ho hum and since I have drawn all of Jordan's avatars that I like... I really don't have much else to draw. I could draw my own characters and I suppose I will but that gets boring because I am the only one that takes pleasure in it or participates in it. Now you understand why roleplaying is better than writing a book that no one else reads or drawing characters only you know?

/ sigh