Before going to sleep, I was thinking a lot about how to bring Axel back. In my dream he was sort of the main focus, indirectly. He never showed up but I knew that if I was to search different parallel dimensions, I could find him. Anyhow, there were these representatives that came and gifted me this extraordinary bike. It was a two-seater blue bike that could travel to different worlds and dimensions. I thought there was a price to pay but they had been observing me and found me worthy. I had this little connections with another guy. Long ago I had given him something ( in another dream ) and he remembered me, like I was something special. I admit, he was very cute but I don't know who he looked like in real life. We chatted and I ended up inviting him on my journey, since I found out that I would be traveling on the bike alone, without the teachers. Problem was, we were stuck in this school and we needed passes to get out early. While we were doing this, our bike got stolen. Gauh. So last part of the dream we were searching for it but never found it.