- Her order to the 'Renegade' House Baent'tar, led by Daxunyrr Auvryviir-Baent'tar.

Name: Rilsta Helvirahel

Appearance: Portrait of Rilsta's face. The color, fur pattern, and shape of her spider lower half is reminiscent of this species.

Scars earned in her youth from a deal gone wrong with an Emerald dragon, Rilsta refused to let them be healed as she preferred the bizarre beauty it brought, showing a form of determination and structure she figured would make her seem more powerful in the presence of her peers. She would later claim that the pain she endured only strengthened her and made the ascension more bearable.

When she raises her body as high as her legs will let her, she easily stands at 7'4", though her normal posture puts her closer to 6'9".

Age: Years as a Drow: 301 Years as a Drider: 364

Dress Attire: Unable to dress her lower half for obvious reasons, the Drow priestess is obsessed with only the most beautiful clothing, wearing garb that makes nobles look like beggars in comparison and a thorough fan of jewellery and any other trinkets, a similar trait to the rest of her species who enjoy beauty to the fullest extent.

Behaviors: Rilsta prefers to wait and observe, watching with all the eyes she can muster until an opportunity for her power to have the strongest impact appears. When she does feel a need to speak her opinion, the voice is soft but warped, sounding like whatever gives her voice was infected with the blessing that changed her form.

She will commonly look the part of the innocent or unaware, and is a natural at hiding any sort of ill thoughts from showing on her face, giving her the image of a malformed but kind hearted individual.

Rilsta is quite capable of benevolent tasks, a most bizarre feat for her kind considering where her station was, but these tasks that help non-Drow only serve as a subtle warning or as a bargaining chip to give her some amount of security. Those who wrong the Drider are often met with fang and spear, and those who intentionally seek her out to end her have been found hanging from dead trees over popular roads, wrapped in silk that no blade could pierce easily and drained of all fluids in their body, leaving only a horrifying husk behind.

The mask of innocence is her most powerful tool in diplomatic events by far, giving her a sort of edge in that most who interact with her will be unaware of just how twisted and misaligned she is, an almost chaotic person in how wildly her actions can vary. When she speaks the language of the surface humans, she often speaks in riddles and ends her statements with questions. Her scarred face has a hint of wisdom beyond what she should have, and hiding far more than it shows.

Because of her Drider frame, the maiden is forced to rely on the blood of humanoids for sustenance, and will typically focus on bandits and other ills who hide outside of the towns, as it is easier to excuse their absence than a carpenter or the like.

Weaponry: A fishing spear with a magician's focus embedded into the blunt end of the handle, doubling as a tool to control her magic and to prevent unwanted harm from her person.

Skills: Has a wide array of useful talents obtained over a very long lifetime, most of it culminating in her wielding of Arachnomancy, that is, the art of using spiders and other arachnid creatures as pets and minions like necromancers to the bodies of the fallen. A vast majority of her spells are focused around this spider theme, involving the use of the tools of such beasts when possible. Hidden fangs in her jaw carry a venom that is fatal for humanoids and large game, she is also capable of producing silk and webbing.

Important Past Events

- Born the First Daughter of Jhaelrynevyll Helvirahel, House Matron of House Helvirahel, Rilsta always felt destined to not only equal her mother, but by far surpass her. Devoted to the powers that led her, she eventually became a High Priestess known for the displays of ferocious cruelty she would demonstrate, at times even suffocating her opposition in their own homes with their own tools.

- House Auvryviir rises, becoming a threat to Helvirahel, forcing Rilsta to use her power and influence to create a forced war. She implanted a fake into their ranks, a male who would be led by one Daxunyrr Auvryviir, and would intentionally ruin the attack to force the Councils to wipe out the other House.

- Her twisted behaviors up to and including the ingenius plot to bring down their rivals made her brave, bold, and arrogant enough to attempt the Rite of Passage. Upon passing it, though barely alive, the painful transformation began, seeing her lower half be torn apart as a spiders body began to replace it. Within hours after it finishing she began to learn the art of Arachnomancy as an embracement of her newfound form and power.

- Rilsta began to leave the Drow cities for weeks at a time, searching around for magic trinkets or pilfering them from the immediately deceased that were in her way, absorbing the magic weaves that forged these relics and inheriting their abilities as she did so.

- When Daxunyrr was revealed to have escaped, questions arose as to what to do with him. Being the instigator of his false rebellion, Rilsta has put it upon herself to finish what she has started, chasing the renegade into the surface world.

"Usstan nauxahuu ulu noa ussta ussgyot ulu biu analdi Daxunyrr. Usstan INBAL A'TILL ussta k'lar!"
"I refuse to lose my position to an angered Savior. I HAVE EARNED my place!"

"Daxunyrr, Usstan orn plynn aglust wun dosst xsa'us ap'za."
"Savior, I will take part in your damned fate."
-Upon her discovery of what Daxunyrr intends to do during their fate bound meeting.