I will never understand these topics. It's always a compendium of listing things that are just plainly mediocre and not actually anything ridiculous. Can't we just list almost everything from YouTube people like Angry Video Game Nerd and just call it a day? Seriously, there's over 20,000 video games in existence; can someone actually make a somewhat decent effort with this?

I've never actually tried to seriously list these things for two reasons:
1. These topics rarely invoke an actual response from me.
2. I'd rather forget I ever played the damn thing. (Actually, I mostly already did.)

Listy time:
1. Virtual Hydlide - Sega Saturn: I still think people give Hydlide on the NES too much crap for what it is. Play this, and you'll see why.
2. Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes - Atari 2600: I have this rare, but strange occurrence when my brain zones out and makes everything in front of me appear farther away, and it feels like I'm talking in patterns. This was one of the things that triggered that. It's a bad trip.
3. Grand Theft Auto: GBC: See #4
4. Grand Theft Auto 2 - GBC: Dat music and controls.
5. Battle Blaze - SNES: Shaq Fu has got nothing on this. You'll either die repeatedly, or you'll soon realize that using the same attack pattern over and over will land you a near-perfect game. Forget the controller has any other buttons.
6. Dragon's Lair - NES: Congratulations, you made it past the first screen.
7. Defenders of Dynatron City - NES: So, the main character can fire his head off and can use it to pick up cars and throw them. That's the good part about the game; nothing else.
8/9. The Incredible Crash Dummies - GameGear/Sega Master System: Sure the platformers on Genesis, NES and SNES are bad, but these two can't even live up to that.