Anyway, let's draw Mohammad. You might get put on a hit list by a bunch o' lazy, poor Muslimzians with no spine, but let's draw 'im. I don't get why peeps fear this. It's literally no different than the deth threts dat Anita never received. No one's gonna do anything, because they're weak & have no chance of getting the other 8000 peeps on their pretentious list. Why's it up to 8000? No one felt like doing the other 7,999.

Let's compare something.

If you draw Jesus "normally", fundietards & every Christian doesn't really care.
If you draw Jesus suckin' a d**k, fundietards want you ded, but liberalized ones care more about Freedom Of Speech than actively trying to shut you up.

If you draw Mohammad, fundietards want you ded. Liberalized ones don't care, but actual libruls don't care about that fact. They care about not offending the religion in its entirety. Basically, they're the 'racist' ones. They're the ones who expect every Muslim to get offended like crybabies like the fundietards do & instead try to make sure they respect the fundietard's behavior as representing the viewpoints of the entire, putrid religion.

Note that I said if you draw Mohammad, not that if you draw Mohammad in a blasphemous way, because they'll kill anyone regardless. A Christian can draw Jesus, but a Muslim can't draw Mohammad. O' course, libtards are primarily regressive shitfaces with no spine, so in order to not offend the fundies, they cater to them so they won't get aggressive. That's kinda pointless, since they're fundies and will get aggressive regardless of whether or not you negotiate with them. They're fundies; by default they h8 u. You don't care, th0; drawing Rare Pepe Geezus makes you feel free & powerful, despite no one actually giving a s**t.

Of course, this ties in with ye olde, spineless cowards @ the GOP who want to attempt conversion therpy against gays. This is hilarious, th0, because in the wake of how much they h8 Muslims, I don't see any of them desiring to be Crusaders & attempting this conversion therpy on Mudskins. It's funny how I'm supposed to fear this therpy, th0. It's like, I'll go in a Psycho Phaggot & come out a Psycho Phaggot. Ya can't touch me, ya l00n. Either that or you should really write the article in the way you mean it. It's dangerous... for the ones who dare to bring me in. I'll make you beg for Mama Mohammad to come & blow ur brains out after wut I do 2 u. U think u can hold me? I'll make headlines, ********.

I know it's primarily so parents can "choose" this practice for their child, but whatevs. Ur kid will likely either turn out to be a school shooter or like me, so go ahead.

Also, censorship erases evidence. Ask Anita where her deth threts are when she knows any deth threts are "h8 speech" & gets deleted.

Srsly, find me evidence of peeps hating gays. Find me a vidya on TubeYou. Protip: you can't. You erased all of the evidence, & by doing so, you protected this guy's identity by removing his face off the internet. Don't ask Anita where her deth threts are; they're non-existent, because you claim that archiving them is harassment.

Even if they did exist, you already erased them. I didn't erase the Twitter accounts with the evidence that there are misogynists on Twitter. Srsly, find me misogynists. You can't, because I'm supposed to listen & believe. But really, this is no different than a femmie gettin' raep'd and taking a shower immediately afterwards. You wanna keep erasing evidence because Online Horsemint & Shyberbullying, then you only have yourself to blame for why no one believes you. Of course, you actually think it's a republican conspiracy that no one will believe you saw a racist video that you can't link to because you told TubeYou it went against ur putrid policy.

Don't ask her where the deth threts are, you already know exactly where they are; gone, erased; never archived because you are practicing the digital equivalent of Christfags burning books that go against Gawd. Thanks for erasing your own evidence, now ******** off and go back to your cult.