So, I decided to play WWF Raw for Sega Genesis on an emulator. I lost on the final person with one hit left which caused massive rage. It made me wonder why I'm still alive and haven't killed myself yet, for the 10,000th time. I mean, there's not actually a reason to be a Law-Abiding-Shitizen when that gets me so very far in Real-Worldistan. (I despise that term, internet dingus.)

I always ask what it proves to pretend to care about people. I remember crying for hours, wanting to have a friend or something. I think that if I play that lovey-dovey card again that it'll bring me some special, one-way ticket to paradise. As it be, I find that that also solves nothing in Americastan. (********...)

I remember how much that solves when I continue talking to people, looking at whatever it is I'm supposed to care about. A group of children gets murdered; I don't care. Buildings explode; I don't care. I watch as people die and quite literally cannot pretend to care about their families, because I know they're going to butcher me after I'm done "serving", "defending", "protecting", and "comforting" their carcass. Then, I'll be left here alone for the "umpteenth" time, because I'm not good enough for their false standards. (I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be excited that that's a real word.)