"Trolling" in regards to internet standards is the act of having a convincing character to portray. Of course, in order to role-play this character, you have to have a character source. Thus, the "troll" in itself is role playing an actual behavior.

Now, what bothers me is how often one uses the term "troll", which is automatically meant to believe that this person is doing this deliberately "for the lulz" and is not actually telling the truth about his/her opinion. The question you have to ask is, "Why would this person actually go out this far and make numerous accounts which requires both a new account on here and an email provider in order to target these same people?"

There is a massive fault to the logic of calling people "trolls", mainly due to the fact that these people are making it their case to mock people. Let's take for example a person that hates gay people or at least by extension, the morons who think "hate is too strong of a word" or "hate doesn't exist" and instead opt to say, "I severely dislike you." (Yep, that means it's an entirely different definition now, because it doesn't exist to make a statement about, therefore "Hate Speech" doesn't actually exist. [Let's rename it to "Dislike Speech" while they're not looking.]) Anyway, it takes a decent amount of effort to deliberately target a certain demographic, and it's hard to say that attempting to purposely piss off homosexuals for laughs suddenly means that your actions are not contemptible. Is it funny to piss off homosexuals and people that support them? Why yes, to a person that can't stand to be around them. Why do you think they made the topic, to try and piss off the people they don't like? What an absurd gesture that would be to piss off people you don't like. /sarcasm

That said. to people of this biased mentality, here's what that looks like:
Anti-gay: Homosexuals are disgusting ********. (deemed a "troll" by majority)
Gay: You are a ********. (deemed a legitimate opinion; obviously "butthurt"; is subsequently used by Christians and what-not as "proof" that gays are violent and that the other phrase by the anti-gay was just "obviously" made by a gay in order to "sensationalize" that ideology to make it look like people that violently hate gays don't exist)

What you get is more people ganging up on the gay, because he "replied to a troll thread". You know, it's to also throw in that moronic Backseat Moderator mentality. Why does this happen? It's because they're all ******** morons, and yes, you could very well "promote" me to "troll" status for saying that, you ******** jackasses.

Of course, I also used to be like this. I was that guy on the chan boards saying that homosexuals deserve to die. People were calling me a troll, but I literally was saying that they deserved to die, and I was not kidding. It's a damn shame that these people are this ignorant to what I was saying. You know, maybe if Gaia didn't butcher the forum search function you may also be able to find some of that here. It would have been posted pre-November 2008.

You want to call it a troll thread? Well, of course in one instance a gay guy actually did make a thread like this, but why automatically assume everyone else is kidding? Those who are kidding around usually admit to it at some point, but the problem is, there really isn't a reason to disregard the topic as if that never happens.