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Book of Nero
This is my journal. I am Nero! c:
Oceandrop Eyelids
For as long as i can remember, i've always been a cheerful person who loves bright and vibrant things. yes, that's me. i do have my darker moments, but doesn't everyone? i love the color green best of all, because it seems to add color to everything else... i love the sun becaus eon a bright and sunny day, the atmosphere just makes your mood bright and sunny, am i right? at least for me! =P
Dark and gloomy things can be really depressing, but i have found alot of dark things to be amazing and beautiful! =O
But one things i have always loved is the beach. and i live a mile away from the beach, so i'm just lucky, huh?? :3
but the beach is (generically) a very bright and sunny place right? at least that's how most people see it in their mind. they see a bright shining sun and vibrant palm trees and tons of people having a blast and splashing around! ^^
Then there is a beach on a warm, breezy day, no people around really... quiet... i can't stand that. i like the cheerful atmosphere.
the noise, the color, the fun, the bright atmosphere, it makes the beach the beach! :3
Because of this stuff... i have always put the beach in my writing. but of course, not your typical gross, dirty beach, i mean a beach in the world i crated with my mind. a less filthy and typical place, like our world only better. and totally fictional in some areas, but that's because it's divided into tons of different things...
but that's not what i'm talking about! 0.0
I mean a beach full of happy people. lush palm trees, no wind, blazing sun, ice cream... (bikini girls <3) you know. beach things.
but then the more fictional and less usual parts of the place in my mind that i write about... maybe a small island way out in the middle of a beautiful, clear ocean... the island has two palm trees and many tropical flowers on it, and a gentle, warm breeze sweeps across it mixing with the sound of the oceanic waves. maybe something lives on the island, but not a human or a typical animal... sort of like and animal, but unusual and beautiful and special. which only proves that Pokemon is my biggest inspiration, despite the fact that the things i write about are totally different from Pokemon.
The reason i started writing was because of a deep, deep inspiration i felt when i was really little. i didn't know how to write or anything, all i had was a wild imagination. the inspiration came from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness. the music in that game, the story, the places, the names of the locations, the dialogue, it all inspired me to have a beautiful, pure world that i could bring to life through writing.
Pokemon is and forever will be my favorite thing. not just as a game or show, but as... an inspiration. not just the games or the show, but what's behind them... and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon will forever be my favorite video game, and my biggest inspiration.
also... there are beaches in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness. but not just the beaches... the oceans. ever since i played that game (i've played it countless times) i became obsessed with the two post-ending dungeons: Surrounded Sea and Miracle Sea. the music in those places, those two tracks are so beautiful i can't express it. and they bring back deep nostalgia of all those years ago that literally makes me want to cry.
i became passionately inspired by these places in this game, and i have begun to love and obsess over the ocean itself... probably not the ocean you're viewing in your mind, but the more fictional, more beautiful, vibrant ocean.
I love Pokemon, not only because they're the best games, and my favorite anime, but because it inspired me more than anything! all my inspiration and all my writing was born from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and i will love and cherish it forever. also, my obsessive love and interest in the ocean... again, not the one you're seeing in your mind... came from there. it all goes back to Pokemon.

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commentCommented on: Sun Apr 21, 2013 @ 06:45pm
i am glad to hear that you are enjoying the sunshine and the beach. The beaches where I'm from don't seem quite as nice. I wonder why, then, is your avi designed with a darker, cooler color tone? I remember all the islands and places you surfed to in the older pokemon games. The original Kanto pokemon was one of the first shows I really got into as a young child and it brings back nostalgic, happy thoughts to me from a time of innocence and carefree fun.

commentCommented on: Sun Apr 21, 2013 @ 08:13pm
I had a beautiful dream world once.. still do.. but.. lately... places have been getting darker and darker..... this is very interesting, what you wrote.

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Apr 21, 2013 @ 08:57pm
It's so cool that you live that close to the beach o.o and yeah your really lucky xD
but also, I agree with Pokemon being an inspiration 3nodding it's been my favorite show and my first anime I've watched u: and the beach is a great place too, I love to see everyone having a great time and being together x3 but also for me, I just really like to go boating and being on the water and riding with the wind while the sea slashes on you is the best part for me >w<

commentCommented on: Tue May 07, 2013 @ 08:11am
I live neat to the see as well. I never really enjoyed it before.
next time i'll be there i'm sure i will think about your words and enjoy every second :3

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