Huntmaster's log! I bought Monster Hunter like... maybe four or five days ago, and I've been putting all my free time into it. I played a good eight hours the first night I got it, and I sacrificed a ton of sleep... xD
My friend the Captain is the god of Monster Hunter. He told me about one of his games having something like 2,000 hours of gameplay. And, now I see why- because there are so many materials, and so many options with those materials that there is like an endless fountain of things to do. You couldn't really ever hope to have a lot of everything, unless you wanted to put at least hundreds of hours into your game. But, I wanted to write more journal entries, and I've been having fun lately. So I'm going with this.
So, Captain's girlfriend bought him Monster Hunter, and he found out it was coming soon, so I went out and bought it. I played it all that night, and the next day it still hadn't come, so I kept practicing. But when it did come, he and I started going out and hunting all kinds of stuff, racking up some supplies. But, it gradually escalated, and now we really only hunt the big guys.
This is my type of game! I'm building up my character a lot, and every time I encounter a new monster, I know that will open up tons of weapon/armor choices to pursue.
Since Captain was tied up, I played a TON of online quests with other people. One guy was named Marloo. He was pretty experienced, and we played for a good hour or two. With some other people, I hunted a ton of big monsters that the Captain and I were struggling with before. Then I suited up with their body parts.
Tonight, I was having a Dark Souls race with my friend Gean, and when that was finished, Captain and I took on a new monster, but finally killed it. It was a giant spider... took a lot of hits. The battles take forever. Thirty or forty minutes of hitting and pursuing are to be expected. So, Captain has been training me to become a god-tier hunter. It's been a lot of fun. He also got Bloodborne, which recently came out. I've been able to watch him play bits and pieces of it. It's really interesting, but also a huge tease, since I don't have a PS4, and am sort of broke at the moment. Not really broke, but I'm saving my money. I could afford one, technically, but I need to save my money for more important things... like moving to Texas eventually. Or maybe a car.
Lots of time has gone by. I'm sort of tired of my daily routine. But it won't be much longer until I'm eighteen. Not only that, but the lease on this apartment is running out in about two months, and my roommates and I are looking into a three-bedroom apartment, or possibly a house. It will be nice to actually have a bedroom again. Living in a living room sucks.
Tonight, I think I'll kick back and play some MHU4 while watching Netflix. Maybe I will also start the new audiobook I bought, The Romantic Manifesto by Ayn Rand. I've been wasting a lot of time lately. Like, I don't really think all that time is wasted. I've gotten to spend a lot of time with my friends and I've been having a lot of fun. When it's time to write again, I'll be ready.
I've been teaching myself, studying hard, what it takes to build a story. What it takes to actually complete a story. I've been learning what stories are, and why they are told to begin with. Now I know that everything I've ever written is flawed. But most of it can be salvaged. For someone that doesn't understand what I mean, they might think that sounds like a big loss. Everything I've ever written is flawed? What a shame. But actually, that most of it can be salvaged is only possible because of my innate drive, my inspiration, the passion that's always been there. I had passion, but I didn't know how to build with that passion. I didn't know how to turn that passion into something, and the methods I was using, random, chaotic methods, were spreading those stories out into forms that I couldn't explain. Now I know how to exercise my passion into actual stories. Or at least, I have started to get an idea. But just because I have a long way to go, that doesn't mean that it's completely changed my abilities as a writer. I always wondered why, with all the restless passion and inspiration I feel, my stories never got finished. It's because I tried to build them on a flawed premise, and I had no idea what I was doing, and I ended up dead-ending myself.
I've been looking at an old, unfinished story from 2013, untitled... I still remember starting that story. It had been raining hard, and I had gone for a walk in the forest close to where I live. I walked all the way to the forest edge, and I looked over the big field that can be viewed from there. The grassy field was covered by a horizon of day gray clouds, and rain was pouring... the whole forest was dripping with water, the sound of the pouring rain swallowing everything else. Then I imagined a boy, a courier, dresses in a hooded coat, running through a forest in the rain, running through puddles, carrying a package, on a mission... and I rushed back home to start writing. I wrote over a hundred pages. I wrote about some very, very beautiful places. Some of the descriptions don't need any work at all. The places I wrote about, when remembering them, still give me butterflies to think about. The the story died, eventually. I had nothing else to say. Despite how beautiful it was, and now much I loved it, I couldn't help but stop writing it. I had no idea how to turn those things into a true story. But now, I think to myself, I do know. So, what stops me from taking this old, unfinished manuscript, and turning it into what I subconsciously dreamed it would be? I dreamed it would be something great. I started writing it in a way that it could never have survived, being written in that way. But now I know how it can survive. So, I feel the tense excitement in my abdomen, when I think I can actually create a story with this old manuscript. It was so full of passion, and yet it died. I was depressed by that. I wondered why this was happening, and wondered if I could ever be a writer. But now I realize that I can extract the individual values from the failure, and create something with them that isn't a failure. And that's encouraging. It's more than encouraging- it's empowering.
But, it looks like this journal entry is more about my writing than anything else, now! xD But, whatever. This is the Huntmasters' log. Huntmaster writes about whatever Huntmaster wants.
But... the midnight oil is burning up. So I'll see you creatures soon :3