☆ My heart belongs to Riley

★ "Asterisci" is Latin for "Little Star"

Marisa you make me smile everyday because you make me feel loved, you also make me smile and happy everyday and I appreciate that you do. You're always on my mind and whenever I'm stressed out I think about you and I calm down, When I talk to you I calm down because you're very gentle and sweet to me, the one thing that makes me happy is when you smile from something stupid or smile because I make you happy; I wish I was actually there holding you in my arms and having you by my side and I'll make sure i'm there one day for you.

I have strong feelings for you because I chose to have strong feelings, and I know you have strong feelings as well. I wish I could just be there right now so I can see you get really shy with me there even though you're already shy on calls or whenever I text you about something; I can just see that you're shy or even read that you're embarrassed or shy.

You just love me so much that you can't keep the childish side inside, but you bring it out and show me it because you love me, the childish side makes me happy and laugh because of the things you say to me. Even your mature side makes me happy because I know you can be yourself around me, and I can be myself around you; especially when you want to have a fart war, of course I'm going to win because mine are the loudest but I can still hear your silent farts because I have supersonic hearing.

You're a very sweet young lady, very gentle and I love everything about you from the mistakes you make while talking, typing, all the way to when you talk to me when I want to goto sleep, I love waking up to you and hearing you say "I love you" it makes me smile and happy, I also like to wake you up to say "I love you" just so you can say it back to me; I'm always just thinking of you and I can't stop, I even have dreams about you, and I wish that I can make the dreams come true.

~ Love Riley

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