I'm gonna let it shine!

*hums, is impressed by own humming, and henceforth continues doing so for the second day straight*

Hi folks. Been a while.

Probably will be awhile after this entry, too. This month is absolutely chaotic (at least one test & big project due every single week...).

Anywho, not much going on, I guess. Things are settling down into a routine, I'm working on my C25K program (Week 2 Day 2 today!), and such. Car was dead yesterday, got it revived with the help of maintenance.

Been having strange dreams lately. On Sunday I took a 3-hour nap, and during the nap I had my first dream where I actually knew I was dreaming AS IT HAPPENED. So that was spooky. It felt like it was predicting the future...?? It was like I was two separate people: the one observing the dream, and the one actually in it. So I'm still suuuuuuper confused why I touched Intriguing Guy's arm and said "hi" so confidently to him. O.e So now whenever I see him it's like "........ o.o"

And if that wasn't awkward enough, I also had another dream with C in it. For some reason he had a bunch of ice dumped on him, then there was something about his body cooling down so much the acids in his body were going bonkers and his innards were dissolving or something. Or so he thought. (I was observing this from a gigantic couch, & he was behind it, leaning on it for support.) He was turning blue, so I'm like, "We're calling M (his girlfriend)." And I whipped out my phone and that's when the dream ended.


Other than that, yeah. Work is getting into a good pace; we finally got the new system so I'm scrambling to get that all figured out before the new assistant is hired to take my place (... speaking of which, I need to make up some training for her. *sigh*)

My hair is getting long. I love it. ^^ Now I need to find a salon & get it trimmed & dyed, then I'll be good for spring break.


i'll get to meet my roommate's parents on tour. which in itself will be a very interesting experience. I wrote the lyrics to the Spongebob theme on her facebook wall, and this was her mom's comment:

"******, you have AMAZING friends!! Jenna, thanks for sharing this. Always wondered what her cultural tastes where, now I know!"

... I laughed when I read that. Still do. Unnecessarily loud for an unnecessarily long time. xDDD

Welp, at the station now. First part of this entry was in the morning, after I discovered the rec center was ABSOLUTELY FULL. No machines left, the track was occupied by the entire track & field team, and the actual gym had all the regular old people walking around in depressing circles.

So I stood in the hallway for 10 minutes trying to decide what to do. Thought to myself I could do my first non-treadmill day running, but even a brisk walk was making my face sting with cold. So I went back to the room and sulked. And wrote.

and now I feel like sh*t. I'm excited to try this running thing again tonight.

blargh. It's kind of sad I have to consult my schedule to see what time I'm going. I have a big chart graphing 6a-11p in half-hour increments, every day Monday through Friday. It's pretty legit.


btw, winning moment: finding a "secular" song by a Christian band that could be interpreted to be either religious or not. Thank you, Bless the Broken Road. I'm playing you right now, even though I hate you, simply because I love to mix it up and make them guess. xD

(***here on out is my schedule for the rest of the semester up til spring break. I need to wrap my head around it myself, so feel free to quit reading now.*****)

ok. So. Challenge 1 of the F-series (hereby February-series) tomorrow, in the form of a Marketing test. gonk

Friday psych paper due. Work at the station this weekend. Monday & Wednesday journals for interpersonal comm due, Tuesday communications test. Thursday communications paper, and tech writing resume due.

the week after that (birthday week! and also the hardest in the F-series) on Tuesday alone I have a blog design due for tech, a presentation in comm, and an essay for History of English due. Wednesday interpersonal test. Thursday another presentation for marketing, a paper due for comm, and a press release due for tech.

The week after that, two more journals for interpersonal on Monday and Wednesday, paper for psych on Monday, cover letter for tech on Thursday, and tests on Tuesday, thursday, and Friday.

the week after that, Tuesday is another comm paper and a fundraising letter for tech. Wednesday hand in journals for interpersonal. Relative peace. :]

The week after that (march 4 we're up to), Interpersonal journals on Monday and Friday, comm papers Tuesday and Thursday, Presentation on a work proposal in tech on Thursday, and a paper for psych on Friday.


After that, it's relatively quiet. At least, nothing like the F-series. gonk

none of this is counting other papers/s for history of english, or off-campus job stuff, or bible study, or communications club, etc... T.T