the semester hasn't even started yet, and I'm already lacking motivation.



We helped with building an orphanage, and visited a few other ones. I even climbed a waterfall on our day off :]

got back Saturday night ~11pm. Slept in sunday, then went to g-ma's to do laundry & hung out with mom & karen & her bf until after supper of Perkins.

slept in a little this morning, worked on scholarships & took another shower, then was almost asleep for a nap when the office called & wanted me to come in. then when I went in, the thing that we've been trying to get set up since august WASN'T WORKING.

so I need to work on that eventually.

tomorrow class 8a-3:05p (will probably be a lot shorter b/c it's just introductions), band 5-6. Wednesday gym before class 9-9:50, then probably go to work until chapel, then lunch & nap then work.

this semester already feels like it's going to be different. In -hopefully!- a good way.

I'm used to the schedule now, I have classes that I'll actually enjoy, and I'm ready to remake my body & come at life with a new perspective.

Wednesday & Friday when I go to the gym it'll be mainly just getting into things again. Then next week starts the C25K program!

:] We'll make it work. Last semester sucked; here's to making this one 3000x better.