weird day.

in the home stretch of the final recording session of the day.

late night session last night went surprisingly well. As if none of the drama happened. it was awesome haha.

then a little frustration at the early one this morning; spent 2 hours patching for a ukelele.

but that meant once that was done, everything else this afternoon has gone smoothly.

he also apologized, and i apologized. so both are done.

starting to really get into tour stuff now.

listened in on the first advancing call today.

ordered some weird thing for the techs. screwed up somehow.

I feel like the teacher doesn't like me, and it bothers me. Not necessarily "not like", but i get a vibe from her that I don't normally get.

it's weird. and that's the main concern today.

elsewise, all has gone well.

did a girl's hair for her photoshoot today. I knew I wasn't doing exactly what we did when we practiced it last week, but she was fine with it.

(I was secretly practicing the technique for my halloween hair on her. For the most part, it worked quite well haha.)

Fall weather has been lovely, as well. ^^

Take each day as it comes, I guess.

It can only get better from here, right?