I made that the title because I sneezed just as I opened up this page. Oh boy... new journal entry, what to write about? Ok, here it goes. Customer service sucks a whole lot of dicks, and the stress of dealing with assholes who don't want to pay their bill was really starting to have the effect of a cracked egg steaming on the sidewalk for a good week or two. In otherwords, I was going mad bonkers. So I took a stress leave for a month, and ... alas, that month is now coming to an end. I'm sure you're stoked to know what I did for this glorious break from responsibilities, yes? I played video games, duh. Lots of Monster Hunter Tri, some MegaMan X, and watched movies with Matt.

In regards to MH3, I'm a little addicted at the moment. I spend hours playing at a time -- sometimes online with Britt, once with Travis (that was tonight, PSSTT DON'T TELL HIM BUT HE KINDA SUCKS.... but he hasn't played that much so meh.) I'm almost done offline mode, but online is where all the good stuff is at. I use a Great Sword and I love it.

My sleep schedule is incredibly out of whack at the moment. You see, it's 9:50 in the morning. I'm not up now because I just so happened to get up early... but I'm sure you could of realized that all on your own. I woke up at about 9:30 PM last night and have been up since. Bravo, applause for me! I will, however, be going to bed soon, because I need to be up in a couple of hours so I can attend a showing of the Hobbit tonight with my dear friend Nika and my boyfriend Matthew. It is certain to be grand.

Life with Matthew is really nice... our apartment is very, ahem, quaint, but it's serviceable and most importantly affordable. We get a long really well together as well. We're both asocial at heart and keep to ourselves mostly, so we hardly ever butt heads. I'm thankful for his godly patience with my bitchy and criticizing nature now and again. He says I'm not that bad, but I beg to differ. He, on the other hand, is a complete sweetheart. Although he won't clean up after himself and doesn't know how to do very many practical life things. Eh, we're in the same boat, so we're learning together, but I wish he would take keeping our apartment tidy a little more seriously! Our one-year anniversary is coming up within the next week, and I'm pretty thrilled about that. I haven't had a relationship last this long with so few problems before. Granted, the passionate and mushy prose I've written in previous entries to represent my feelings has toned down quite a bit, but I expected that to happen once we passed the 'honeymoon' phase of our relationship. The vital part is that we still enjoy eachother's company. I'm starting to believe the true definition of love is the ability to tolerate another person in close proximity for ages without wanting to murder them. He and I are in agreement about being unable to spend so much time around other people.

Sam is here too of course, and I fondly like to think of us three as a family, especially when we're all sleeping in the same bed together. He's doing very well health-wise, of which I am so grateful for (curse the hack that calls himself a vet who condemned my cat to death over 'kidney cancer' two years ago!) but he misses the outdoors a lot and spends an annoying amount of time meowing loudly at the door. I think he'd be fine with another cat around, since he's probably just bored and lonely, supplied by the fact that he did not meow nearly half as much when Britt's cats Macy and Tabby were still around. We planned to get Matthew a kitten of his own when we were a little more stable, and the time seems right about now, but he's balking at the idea because he's worried the kitten will be difficult to deal with. Of course the kitten will be an irritating little s**t for a while -- it's a kitten -- but the benefits far outweigh the negatives as far as I'm concerned. We'll see how that plays out.

I think that's about all for now. I should sleep now before ..... uhh, it's too late...