I was reading over some of my more recent entries, and good lord, why do they seem so awful to me? What was I thinking when I wrote some of these?? Oh well. The past is the past, and this entry will soon be the same. Still, it is more current then the last one, so let's bring on catching up to the present!

I got transferred departments from NCS to Virgin Mobile. I am now a representative of the VM customer service, which has some benefits and some atrocities. If I want a totally rad employee phone plan with unlimited data, it is mine. I get weekends off every three weeks, not four. Also starting next week, I get to work a day shift instead of the later times I've been working at since nearly starting at my site altogether. In exchange, I do have to put up with some pretty unruly and deviant idiots/assholes at times, but thankfully they're a minority. I've gotten pretty acquainted with VM's price plans and policies so I've been good for the most part in dissecting the arguments of anyone who tries to pull the wool over my eyes. (Like some dumbshit today, the details of which I won't bother going into.) Some people on the other hand do have genuine (and complicated) issues, and I always try my best to help them with that, even if it puts a damper on my handle time quota. It's only professionalism in my opinion, even if some of the management at my site try to dissuade this in order to make more money off call volume. Sorry, but my personal philosophy is quality over quantity and it will never change.

My dear roommates Azzy and Aaron will be moving out and away to Timmins, as Aaron got a job as a electrician of one of the mineshafts down there. I will miss them dearly, but I'm happy at how their lives are coming together now. They deserve success and happiness. So, I've already gotten replacement roommates; I'll be living with Justin and his girlfriend who is moving down from America. My boyfriend is moving in with me at the end of the week! I am immensely excited. His mother will be driving him down, so I will be meeting her for the first time. In an effort to impress her, I have been cleaning this dreadfully messy apartment.

Or... at least I started it. I got distracted by Gaia while the floors have been drying, and I should really be getting back to it because I've been procrastinating enough on it. I'm just so tired and wiped out when I get home from work though... especially tonight. My head feels stuffed and I have a cough. I don't know if I'm sick, or just stressed out from caring too much about pleasing those who cannot be pleased while trying to keep my handletime within expectations. For the record, it's a little ridiculous in my opinion if you're actually trying to do your job properly and not just waving them off with a half-a** assistance, but my opinion does not matter to billion-dollar company. Or any company, for that matter.

I should really get back to work now.