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These are the records of certain occurrences and musings in my life. It is probably not of much importance to you, unless you enjoy being a sleuth or have some vague interest in listening to me prattle about my flavour-of-the-month.
We have made it to the new year without perishing. This was expected, but some would say there was doubt. Little did they know that it was solely I who defended Earth from the disasters that were impending -- you're welcome.

Ahem. So today I'm going to visit Britt in Timmins!! I'm hitching a ride with our friends Jon and Colin in his truck. It'll be a bit cramped, but manageable. Hopefully. It will be a 4-day long stint starting today. We're leaving on the 6th. Regrettably, I don't get to bring Matthew with me, and I have little doubt I am going to sulk about this. He insists I'm going to have a good time even without him, and I suppose he's right, but ...

I do miss my best friend. It'll be nice to spend time together.

Our way of bonding these days is playing Monster Hunter Tri together online! I've officially beat offline mode and I've played a bit more online than she has so my hunter rank is higher, but she's catching up steadily and she's also quite good already. Unlike me, she actually brings support characteristics to the battlefield in the form of flutes and traps; things I never think to bring because I'm too busy hitting the monsters in the head. Oh, but I was meant to be a berserker!

It's really a ton of fun and I love that she's finally embraced playing a game that I recommended to her. We meet some ... interesting people online as well. We already have a guild, starting as of yesterday. It was a hilarious induction as the guild leader we met actually changed the criteria for joining his guild just so we would qualify. Is this the power of being girls on the internet? (Or maybe he was desperate for fresh blood since Tri is slowly dying off as other MHs release in Japan.) Other activities include meeting Mr. Sob-Story and Paul, the guy you don't want to piss off.

So, new years... I didn't actually do very much. Every other year I've spent it with friends, but this time it was just me and Matthew. To be fair, I slept right through the midnight drop due to my wacky sleep schedule and woke up sometime around 1 AM. I got some movies for us to watch and we were gonna have hot chocolate and snuggle up, but we had no milk. So we braved the cold to Mac's down the street, and as soon as we got there we found a sign on the door stating that the clerk was away and they would be returning in 'approximately 5 minutes'. It was more like 15, honestly. Coincidentally, while we were waiting, some friends of ours happened to stop by to get Subway's (it wasn't open, sadly for them), ragingly drunk. We talked for a while and then parted ways. I was quite upset they didn't actually bother to invite us along... actually, no one had called me this year to ask me to do anything. You know what? I'm not even surprised. I haven't kept up any sort of social pretense within the past little while at all. I have basically no friends anymore and it's eeeeentirely my own fault. That's how the cookie crumbles.

Anyway, we grabbed the milk and came back. We played Rock Band 2 while we were cooking some mini-pizzas (which I ate with ranch sauce because it's ******** DELICIOUS) and after that watched Back to the Future together. I love that movie. It's so energetic. It made me super hyper afterward too.

That pretty much sums it all up. Well, time to go wake my boyfriend and take a shower so I'll be ready for my departure!

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Azure Starwish
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Jan 04, 2013 @ 05:04pm
I really enjoy playing MH with you. I was surprised, I didn't think it'd be my type of game. But nope. Totally have fun with playing it. And I'm starting to get good enough that I can sort of keep up.
I find bring support is handy when I'm not quite sure where to jump in. So instead of just sitting there like coltrain, I decided to bring items that make my nervousness alittle useful.

I'm so glad your here to visit. I am definitely having fun. Its really nice to have people over again. Gets pretty lonely up here. But having all if you stay for this long is a great start to my year (if you forget the rest of the crap that's happened to me. Lmao).

And you totally know that I would invite you to everything if it made sense to extend invites 4 hours away. Haha. But, you have friends. You definitely have me!

Lets have fun!

commentCommented on: Fri Jan 04, 2013 @ 05:31pm
I knew you'd have fun, because it's a co-op game where you beat up stuff! Everyone has fun with those! :]

I know you would of. Until this year, we always did stuff together on New Years. You're definitely still and will always be my friend, so when I say 'basically have none' I am of course taking into consideration that you, Mason, Nika and Colin are my friends but don't really have any otherwise. Acquaintances, sure, but not friends.

Community Member
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