So Guys Im Back I Guess You Could Say I Was On Vacation. I Went To The Mall Friday Getting Myself A New Phone (Iphone 5) I Couldnt Get It Friday Because Apparently It Isnt In Any Stores And You Have To Order It So That Kinda Sucked It Might Come In This Week Or Next Week Who Knows. The Equipment Was Expensive $50 For A Case (Only Cause It Has Three Layers Of Protection) And The Screen Saver Was $10. After That I Went To Get New Shoes For Me And My Brother. He Got Van's And I Got Converses Both $50. Then We Went To Get A Jacket. We Both Got One With Fur In It (So Warm) And Bought A Couple Hats (I Didnt Buy A Hat. Im Not A Hat Person). The Next 2 Days I Was Playing Call Of Duty Black Ops. (Yes I Know What Your Thinking And I Only Played It Cause One Whats The Point In Playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 When Your Already 20 Prestige) And Yeah Its Ok I Like The New Camo They Put In The Game Art Of War Which Is A Red Background With Chinese Lettering And Cherry Blossom Which Is A Pink Background With A Picture Of A Cherry Blossom. (Pink Is My Favorite Color mad ) And Yeah That Was My Vacation Wasnt Doing Much But Whatever.