Well The First Subject Is About You Guys/Girls Reading This. I Think Your All To Shy. I Never Get Comment About Ideas And Future Subjects You Guys Are Such Strangers T.T No One Like Strangers So Talk More Dont Be Shy biggrin . She Go With The Flow c: And The Second Subject Is Just A More Detailed About Me You Could See The Less Detailed One On My Profile Lol. Ummm Where To Start. I Was Born On January 14, 1998 So Im 14 Years Old Born In North Carolina But Now I Live In Rhode Island (If You Move To Rhode Island That Would Be Your Biggest Mistake xD) Ill Probably Write The Reason Why I Moved Here In Some Other Entrie But Ummm I Love Anime And Manga Introduce Me To Some c: I Also Love Music And Playing Video Games I Mostly Play Shooters Games Like Call Of Duty And Halo But I Enjoy Playing Rpg's More Then Any Other Games (If You Want My Psn PM Me c smile Im Asian But I Dont Take Pride In It Mostly Cause I Dont Speak My Own Language (Im Learning Spanish Before I Learn Laos I Know That Sad xD) Hmmm Im Taken By Someone So Dont Bother Asking My Bestfriend Would Be Tommie Aka CaoCao xD I Play Tennis, BasketBall, And A Little Ping Pong. Was A Bboyer But I Quit. Another Long Story Maybe In Another Entrie. I Got To Woonsocket High School (Ghetto) Im Really Shy Around Strangers But When Talking And Writing Online Is A Whole Different Story. Its Been Said That Im Really Good In Acting xD Thats A Lie. Hmmmm I Love Eggrolls <3 I Love Social Studies Mostly Because Its Interesting Unlike Math (Which Is My Weakest Subject) Like When Am I Ever Going To Use Algebraic Expression In My Life xD Hmm What Else. OH Ummmm Ive Never Really Told Anyone This But I Love To Sing mad Im Mostly Into Stuff Like Taylor Swift She Is My Idol For Singing mad Yes Be Shocked But She Has A Amazing Voice <3 I Mostly Like Those Emotional Songs Yes Im A Softy c: And Rock But I Like My Music When Done In Acoustic Oh Also I Hate That Hardcore Rock Thats Just Uggghhh. Well Theres Not Much To Say So If You Want Me To Add Something Write Something In My Comment Box And Stop Being Strangers Dont Worry I Dont Bite c: Well Thanks For Reading And One More Thing Stop Being Strangers c: Strangers = Danger c: