Flirting.... One Thing Ive Never Done In My Life. Ive Been Made Fun Of Because Ive Never Flirted Before. Its Not The Idea That Im To Shy To Flirt. Its The Fact That I Dont Know How. Couple Days Ago, A Friend Told Me That He Liked Someone And Asked Me For Some Tips. I Told I Never Flirted, He Thought I Was Joking At First But I Had That Serious Face So He Just Laughed ._. Its Not My Fault That Ive Never Flirted Before Im Just Not A Flirt I Guess. Well Whatever I'l Learn Eventually From Someone Lol Also The Fact That Every Girl In This State Either Smokes Or Drinks It Just Disgusting Especially Someone At There Age. So Thats The Reason I Dont Flirt And Why I Call This State Ghetto. I'll Probably Get More In Depth In The State Of Rhode Island Some Other Time. Oh And The Link I Put In The Subject Journal Entrie #22 Music, Well That Link Actually Gave You All My Songs On My Favorite List o.o I Was Planning On Sharing A Song In Each Journal Entrie But Never Mind Now LOL Well Enjoy I Guess ^.^