Just Wow. I Just Don't Get Women Sometimes. (No Offense) But Damn It Just Doesn't Make Sense, How Many Different Signs Do I Have To Give Her So That She Could Understand. Well It All Happened Like This. Came To School A Bit Depressed Because Of What Has Been Going On. She Asked Me What Was Wrong (This Happened Friday) I Told Her It Was Nothing. She Keeps Asking Me What Was Wrong. Same Response, It's Nothing. Vacations Over Come Back To School Monday. During 6th Period, She Asked What Was Wrong And Of Course Same Response It Was Nothing. Next Day, 4th Period She Asked What Was Wrong, I Was About To Give Her The Same Response But Then Her Friend Jumps In Asking Me The Same Thing ._. Then Later A Few More People Jump In With The Same Question. I Told Them The Usual It's Nothing. Finally During Last Period A Friend (The Girl Who I Have A Crush On And Who Started The What's Wrong Thing) She Asked If The Problem I Was Having Had To Do Anything With Her. Well Obviously It Did But I Didn't Say It Was Because Of Her Because I Know She Would Get All Worked Up Saying What She Did. The Problem Here Is That I Like Her But She Doesn't See It. So During That Time She Tried Guessing What Was Wrong. She Got Close But Didn't Get The Main Idea. The Main Idea Was That I Felt As If I Had Been Friend Zoned But She Never Got That. She Then Said I Had Girl Problems, She Then Said That She Was Going To Hook Me Up With Someone ._. That Really Got Me Worked Up. I Was Saying To Her "No Don't!" But She Didn't Listen. So That Kinda Screwed My Day Up That Day. Next Day (Pretty Much Today) She Didn't Do It So I Was Relieved But One Day I Know That I'll Have To Confess And I'm Thinking That Days Is Gonna Come Up. The Thing Is That I Don't Think I'm Ready....... So That's The Story ._.