six days since the last entry.

close enough to a week, i'd say.



*shitton of homework. no surprise there.


*made cookies for RH & his roomies last night as thanks for entirely re-stringing B's guitar... gave them a little over 2 dozen, I believe? they won't last long; we have 2 left after keeping a dozen for ourselves last night haha. waiting for the repercussions of that decision yet...

*also cried for the first time in a long time when watching Moulin Rouge. that may or may not have to do with the fact I was already stressed about the cookies, and it was 2am........... my eyes hurt when i cry (seriously, it stings really bad). e.e probably busted something with crying every day the month of September.

*still like my major, just cuz the fun stuff we get to do, like watch videos in class and interview bakeries and get tours and free food haha.

*introduced B to my secret binders of music that I'm not allowed to play for lessons. she can't sing for anything (points for trying? xD), which makes me miss karen and home and real duets and people that can hold their own line and music people general and yeah.

*pandora addiction is still going strong.

*with the baking cookies thing, bought a bunch of long-term stuff. like pans and spoons and oven mitts and bowls and stuff. biggrin my section of the room (~a third of this half of the dorm) is COVERED in stuff.

Sunday night:

headache & feeling sick. :[

probably from the weird stuff I've had to eat today...

worked on a bunch of stuff, still feels like I haven't accomplished anything.

and facebook says I'm not the only one in thinking it's been a poopy weekend.


oh well.

Just two days of class before break!

Monday the presentation and keeping my cool during econ...

yeah, managed to screw 10 people over tonight, in 2 emails. *sigh* times are a booger. my personality is a booger. not being able to lead and wanting to anyways is a booger.

Tuesday core 200 won't be anything, don't have PR (take-home test instead) or journalism, paper due for HR. possible clari lesson (not entirely sure yet), vocal practice, band, and then prep for break.

wednesday get to sleep in, thursday through sunday on air at 7am, done at noon each day. monday another 3-6, then back to chaos.

*that awkward moment when you search for redhead anime characters to cosplay, find something new, google it, and discover it's a porn game in japan... O.O;;*

also, that awesome moment when you look at the new royalty, and a couple of them gained a few pounds since you last saw them... hehehehe...

was feeling pretty shitty about myself, too. so i tried on the short royalty dress from the summer to see how it fit...

well it still fits, tell ya that much.

the dream is slowly fading. good thing overall, I guess. but once it's done, I'm gonna die of boredom again...